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August Astrology: The People's King


Over the last couple of months I’ve been writing a lot about the need for us as individuals and for the world, to acknowledge the power of the feminine, Ying energies and bring them into balance with the masculine, Yang energies. It feels like its time for women to seize their power and for both sexes to respect and embody those qualities associated with the feminine, such as compassion, gentleness, yielding, giving to others and nurturing. The world sorely needs this.

I sense that these issues came to a head, in a very personal way for many of us, during the July 22nd Total Solar Eclipse. A Solar Eclipse is a very special New Moon, a dark Moon phase which plunges the Sun into darkness with it. The Moon’s special mission, in her incarnation as the dark Goddess, was to guide the Sun through the dark minutes of the longest Eclipse of the 21st Century. That the Sun and the Moon were at the very last degree of the sensitive, receptive, feminine sign of Cancer, …

Working with Eclipses

If you felt strongly affected by the Eclipses in July and I know many people did, it might help to go a bit further and work with the energy of the Eclipses and see how they fit into your personal astrological cycles.
You will find that the most potent Eclipses for you personally are those that fall in very close proximity, by sign and degree, to planets and points in your natal horoscope. Personally, I only consider Eclipses which make tight (within 2 ½ degrees or less of orb) Conjunction, Square and Opposition aspects with natal planets and points. You can safely ignore the Trines, Sextiles and the minor aspects and many astrologers don’t even bother with the Squares, but I think they are worth considering.
Also bear in mind that astrological measurements tend to symbolize the processes and journeys of our lives and these processes take time to develop. For this reason, life ‘events’ rarely happen on the exact date of an astrological measurement, so when considering the effect of an E…

July: Eclipsed, Bewildered and Bewitched

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Here's my piece about astrology for July - an eclipse month - enjoy!

July is Eclipse season, bringing with it some powerful energies. This blog is my astrological and personal take on what these energies symbolise and how they might be worked with at this special time. I hope you enjoy it.

July sees two Eclipses, a Lunar Eclipse on 7th July and a Solar Eclipse on 22nd July. An Eclipse is a special kind of New Moon or Full Moon, occurring when the Earth, Sun and Moon align. During a Lunar Eclipse, the Earth passes between the Sun and the Moon, temporarily blocking the reflected light of the Moon and during a Solar Eclipse, the Moon passes between the Sun and the Earth, blocking out the light of the Sun. Eclipses are most dramatic events to observe, as those …