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Horror and Suspense

I'm celebrating the publication of my scary little story The Box in Massacre Magazine 5 by reposting a couple of horror-related articles from the archives...

Follow the links, if you dare, to discover how Brit horror movie The Descent is a master-class in Moon-Pluto themes and read my fascinating take on film censorship.

Before that, check out Massacre Magazine for eight wonderful and chilling tales to get you through these long winter nights for just 99p or 99c.

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The Descent: A Moon-Pluto Story

[Warning: contains spoilers] Watching the British horror movie The Descent recently, I was struck by just how perfect a metaphor for the Moon-Pluto dynamic this movie is. The story line goes like this: the lead character, Sarah (played by actress Shauna Macdonald), is grieving for her husband and most particularly for her young daughter. Both died violently after their car was struck by a truck on the way b…