Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Jupiter in Scorpio: everything looks big under a microscope

Jupiter goes into Scorpio today…here’s a short video introducing some of the major themes: 

Also, check out Rod Chang's excellent new article on Jupiter in Scorpio, discussing the economic, cultural, political and social impact of this ingress against the background of the other current significant transits:

Jupiter will soon move into Scorpio on 10th October. This undoubtedly will unfold a year of Jupiter-in-Scorpio experience, in which our society, culture and politics will focus on Scorpion issues including crisis, fear, darkness, withering, death, transformation, reintegration of resources, reallocation of power, reorganization of affairs, and issues of safety, control and protection, etc. When considering what might come up in this upcoming year, we should never overlook those other planetary placements that happen within the same time-frame. From October 2017 onward, there will be various powerful planetary ingresses and patterns besides this Jupiter ingress – Saturn will enter Capricorn on 20th December 2017, Chiron will move into Aries on 17 April 2018, and more importantly the ingress of Uranus into Taurus on 15th May 2018. All these ingresses symbolise significant changes on economic, cultural, political and social development.

Before the discussion of Jupiter ingress into Scorpio, we must make sure that we understand one thing – the ingress of a single planet or a single aspect often only gives us part of the whole picture. We should take into consideration the placements and aspects of other planetary transits in order to have a clearer vision of the global situation before us. At the moment, we need to pay attention to these following transit aspects: Jupiter-Uranus opposition, Uranus-Neptune semisquare, and Saturn-Chiron square Carry on reading>

With love, Mandi

Sunday, 6 August 2017

New Astrology Course

For any of you interested in taking astrology classes, I'm teaching for an online international astrology school called the Academy of Astrology, which is launching a new comprehensive English-language astrology course.
Astrology forms a large part of our cultural, intellectual, religious and medical history, and studying it is endlessly rewarding.

If you want to get an idea, you can subscribe to our free monthly e-newsletter  at the URL below, as well as read more about our course which begins on Wednesday September 6th
Some special features of our school: 

+ we don't subscribe to a particular astrological 'ideology', so we teach the basics of both modern and traditional forms of Western astrology. With a comprehensive grounding in astrology, students can make their own minds up what to direct their energies towards, already having a head start in most areas!
+ we have special live online supervision groups each term, where progress can be discussed with the tutor and any issues  clarified and untangled. These may be paid for on a term-by-term basis, or are included for no additional cost as part of the yearly fee.
+ Students have the option to specialise in any areas they choose in year 3, with 'stackable' modules in all sorts of astrological specialisms ranging from mundane, to medical, to financial, to astrolocality, to traditional horary astrology and many more! Unlike other schools, once they've covered the basics, students can choose which specialisms they wish to study in greater detail.
+ all classes are streamed live and interactive at a specific time every week, and recordings of each class are available for download for several weeks afterward.
+ our tutors are excellent :)

Take a look at our website, Facebook,  & Twitter pages, and our YouTube channel for free weekly astrology videos:

Twitter: @AstroAcademyUK

Course details:

The course is modular, with 3 modules (terms) per year. The full course takes 3 years, which may be completed consecutively or in your own time: a Foundation year, followed by two years of progressively more advanced teaching, covering more detailed techniques and specialisations. 

Cost: Each semester is £220 + £20 per term for voluntary supervision group participation, or £660 for the whole year, including supervision groups.

The Foundation course this year begins on 6th September 2017 ( 19:30 BST) September.  Enrol here: http://www.academyofastrology.co.uk/enrol/

Hope you're all getting on well, whatever you're up to! 
Best wishes and here's a taster from our YouTube channel:

Sunday, 4 June 2017

Your Wheel of Fortune & Other News

Next up in The Academy of Astrology UK's has launched an exciting new series of mini-lectures:

Wednesday 28th June: Mandi Lockley presents Your wheel of fortune – what your horoscope can tell you and what it can’t!

Wednesday 26th July: Marcos Patchett presents Where’s your head at? – What astrology tells you about your focus in life

Wednesday 30th August: Sue Merlyn Farebrother discusses Your path of destiny – the Moon’s nodes in your chart

Each live mini-lecture lasts approximately 30 mins and cost only £10 each, or you can sign up for all four for only £30 (and if you sign up for all four and/or if you missed Rod's brilliant talk last week, recordings will be available).

Rod's talk: On Wednesday 31st May, Rod revealed his 10 top tips for reading your chart – or anyone else’s 

For more info or to sign up: http://www.academyofastrology.co.uk/news/

I'm proud as punch that my article about Neptune Transits, first published in Smiljana Gavrančić's wonderful Infinity Astrological Magazine, has been re-published on astro.com.

And check out the latest issue of Infinity Astrological Magazine - I.A.M. - with articles on the theme of the gatekeeper from a wide ranges of astrologers and disciplines. This issue I write about claustrophobia at the movies (with an analysis of the chart of Hollywood superstar Ryan Reynolds)

And while you're here, sign up to the Academy of Astrology UK newsletter. It's free and every month contains links to our latest articles and YouTube videos as well as course updates. 

With love, Mandi xxx

Stones Image Source: CC0 Public Domain, by Einfach-Eves via pixabay.com 

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Launching our newsletter

As a subscriber, reader or follower of Astroair, I thought you might be interested in our new Newsletter, with videos and articles from my colleagues and I at The Academy of Astrology, as well as news about our online seminars and courses. Sign up below to receive monthly into your inbox.

AOA UK - March 2017 Newsletter
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We are launching on the Equinox, when the Sun moves into zero degrees of Aries, a great time for new beginnings – it’s the astrological New Year - and a very good time to go public!

We plan to send out a newsletter monthly with updates on our courses (our new online Foundation Course begins this September); links to our popular YouTube series of talks; informative and thought-provoking articles and news from our tutors.

We will soon announce a series of four exciting live online lectures – these will be standalone talks but also tasters for our Foundation Course and designed for both complete beginners and for those who already know some astrology.

Topics include:

  • Where's your head at? - What astrology tells you about your focus in life; and
  • Your Wheel of Fortune - What your horoscope can tell you and what it can’t.

Please subscribe here (and thank you if you have already) to receive details and updates.

Love from Rod, Sue, Mandi and Marcos x

2017 Courses

Our foundation course, starting in 2017, is suitable for total beginners and for those who know some astrology but want to fill in gaps in their knowledge, or learn the basics in a structured way.

Led by our experienced tutors, astrological theory will be taught alongside practical experience of reading charts. By the end of the foundation year, you will have gained the knowledge and experience required to interpret any birth chart.

The course will be made up of three terms with ten lessons in each term.

Enrol Here
Do you know what the Descendant is? Find out more here.
Humours, seasons & cycles
The Elements in traditional
By Marcos Patchett

The four Elements of Greek philosophy, Earth, Air, Fire and Water, are best known to astrologers as the Triplicities, the groups of three zodiac signs assigned to each Element

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Astrology Decoded
By Sue Merlyn Farebrother

Check out Head Tutor Sue Merlyn Farebrother’s book.

It's a step by step approach and is perfect for beginners & essential reading for our Foundation students

Learn More
What is Astrology?
By Mandi Lockley

Any astrologer will tell you that a horoscope can be drawn up for absolutely anything, births, deaths, weddings, funerals, natural disasters, the founding of a new company, the time the polls opened on the day of a general election, even the opening of a packet of crisps.
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Jupiter in Scorpio: everything looks big under a microscope

Jupiter goes into Scorpio today…here’s a short video introducing some of the major themes:  Or click on:  https://www.youtube.com...