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Giz A Job! Using Astrology to Make Career Choices

We are what we do and If you do a job that you love, you'll never work a day in your life, are just a couple of cliches we hear all the time, but like many a cliche there is some truth in these little catchphrases.

We spend so many hours at our work and we are so closely defined by what we do for a living, that our job becomes about much more than how we make our money, it becomes an issue of self esteem and self fulfilment. Therefore, it's very important to get it right. For many of us, this is difficult. All through our lives we are asked to make vocational decisions, but very often these are uninformed, perhaps because we're not sure what we're naturally good at or don't have the nerve to go for what we want, instead basing our choices on what our parents, teachers, peers, bosses, society etc. implicitly and explicitly tell us is the right thing to do.

This is where astrology can really help, where knowledge can really give us power to make informed decisions that…

Virgo Full Moon - How Can I Help?

If you ask one question this Full Moon, it should be How can I help?

It doesn’t matter if you’re asking yourself, another person or the universe and it doesn’t matter if you’re not sure what you’re asking. Under the Full Moon, things tend to come to light easily, so just ask the question with positive intent and see what occurs to you.

Why this question? Why now? Well, because this Full Moon puts the spotlight on the signs of Virgo and Pisces and as an opposing pair they address the issue of service.

There are lots of ways to serve, to help. There is practical service, literally doing something; spiritual service such as prayer, meditation and contemplation; service to yourself, including rest, recuperation and a bit of self-TLC and service to other individuals or groups such as lending a helping hand, listening, or just simply showing that you care.

The Full Moon is helped by Jupiter in Pisces conjunct the Sun. Jupiter is very happy in Pisces, like an honoured guest, where he can easily …

A Mid-Life Crisis for the Mid-Life Crisis

Born in the mid-sixties, I belong to that forty-something group who have collectively been going through the mid-life crisis, those middle years when we become acutely aware that our youth is beyind us for good and we have but old age to look forward to.

It's all too easy to lampoon the mid-life crisis - images immediately spring to mind of greying men lowering themselves into red sports cars or onto the back of Harleys and of forty-something women squeezing their rears into tight clothes more appropriate for their daughters and hitting the town's nightspots.

But if you want to do that in your forties does it really matter anymore? I mean, yes, we do have a culture with an unhealthy obsession with eternal youth, but hasn't my generation also managed to hold onto the good things of their youth as well? For me, I can still listen to cool music, wear my hair long, choose fashionable clothes, yes, even short skirts and go out with younger friends without feeling silly. And it…

Pisceans - In Their Own Words

As the Sun moves into Pisces, instead of describing what Pisceans are supposed to be like, I thought I’d let them speak for themselves, so here are some true-life quotes from six wonderful Piscean people who have passed through my life.

I’ve never had much money, but what I have had, I just give it away. I always find that when I need money it comes to me.

That’s not enough wine to get us through the evening! [putting another four bottles into the supermarket trolley]

I’ve sent you a link to a jobs website to send to him. We all have to stick together when times are hard like this [the link was for a friend of mine who she’d never even met]

I’m growing this super-skunk, I’m going to make my fortune!

I’m calling you to find out if you’re OK. Are you OK? Are you sure? Firing you was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do!

I met this guy on a train, he’d just got out of prison and had all his things in a black bin liner. I gave him my number because I felt sorry for him and now he won’t stop ca…

A Valentine’s Day New Moon Meditation

This year’s Aquarius New Moon falls on Valentine’s Day and all in all, it’s set to be a friendly and dreamy day. With the Sun and Moon falling on the idealistic conjunction of Neptune and Chiron and with Venus in Pisces cosying up to Jupiter, it’s a great day for romantic interludes, social interactions and chilling out in general, especially as it also falls on a Sunday!

I always think that meditation is a really nice complement to the New Moon energies and what better for this particular New Moon than the classic Buddhist Meditation on Loving Kindness, which is used to evoke the four qualities of love: Friendliness (metta), Compassion (karuna), Appreciative Joy (mudita) and Equanimity (upekkha).

Here’s a how-to link from Buddhanet:



Blog-A-Thon Coming Soon!

The upcoming alignment of Uranus, Saturn, and Pluto, the cardinal t-square, has many of you puzzled and worried, especially as astrologers everywhere are talking about its effects on the world at large—everything from the economy, to politics, to climate change.

But how will this alignment be reflected in your personal lives and what can it offer to help you cope with the change and uncertainty it heralds? A special web-based event, March 19-21, is aimed at helping you sort out what this t-square means for you personally, with a selection of helpful, interesting and thoughtful articles and multi-media presentations by some of the best on-line astrology professionals. The materials being brought together for this exciting event promise fresh perspectives and valuable insights, along with healing tools and practical solutions.

It’s one of many astrological gatherings around the globe to celebrate International Astrology Day, but for this one, you don’t even have to leave your house—it’s a…

Your Transits Are Not Just About You!

When we first learn astrology and get to know our own natal charts, it’s fascinating to follow our transits and see how they are reflected in our lives. This is how we learn, not just about astrology, but about ourselves and about the bigger picture of our life’s journey.

However, even when we’re more experienced at reading the symbols, it’s sometimes easy to forget that whatever we are going through affects, on some level, everyone else around us. No man (or woman) is an island, after all.

There are a number of ways to see how your ‘stuff’ affects someone else. For example, you could do a chart comparison to see how your transits fit into their chart and vice versa, or you could do run a composite chart and look at the transits to that.

However, there is another method borrowed from traditional astrology called turning the chart which is a very simple technique which only requires you to look at your own chart.

The first step is to work out which house in your chart represents the person…

Void of Course Moon Times for February

Welcome to February!

Well, we all got through January, which always seems like the longest month in the year (and the darkest, if you're in the Northern hemisphere).

A busy one astrologically it was too: Saturn went Retrograde, Mars stayed Retrograde and Mercury went direct. Jupiter moved into Pisces, the Sun and Venus went into Aquarius and there was a Solar Eclipse in Capricorn. Finally, but not leastly, Saturn and Pluto made the latest in their current series of Squares.

The Void of Course Moon times for February are up (click here>) and check back in with Astroair Astrology soon for more new blogs, including a classic meditation for the Aquarius New Moon and a special called Your Transits are Not Just About You!

In the meantime, click here to find out about something that's making me feel very excited: International Astrology Day Blog-a-thon in March!