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Astrology for October Part 2 ~ Dark Hours

Happy Halloween and Happy Samhain!

Before diving into part two of October’s Astrological happenings, I'll take a step back to consider the background canvas against which these temporal events are occurring.

The big one is Uranus square Pluto and the themes this represents are playing out dramatically in the world, as anyone who follows current affairs will know. Uranus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn symbolises rebellious impulses; hot-headed behavior; sudden and shocking events; anti-establishment feelings; the demand for freedom and respect; issues of control and responsibility; spontaneous uprisings; collective and individual crisis on any level. A serious questioning of power structures and authority is indicated.

Deep and radical changes are occurring in our world at large and in our own personal lives. Do we embrace the radical and disruptive changes we face or do we use our energy to try to hold back the change and maintain the status quo? My personal feeling is that whi…

Transits of 'Imprisonment' and 'Liberation'

The reversal of Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito’s conviction for the murder of Meredith Kercher was a story which gripped and polarised the public and the media. Whether the pair really had anything to do with the murder we may perhaps never know and that’s not a subject I’m going to speculate about here. When fascinated me about their story is how the timing for the original conviction, the appeal and their eventual release key in to the timing of major outer planet alignments, namely Saturn Square Pluto, Saturn opposite Uranus and the incoming Uranus Square Pluto. Both Sollecito and Knox have had these alignments touching their charts by transit, with Knox in particular experiencing them very strongly.

What intrigued me even more were the parallels between what happened to them while Saturn, Pluto and Uranus transited their charts and what happened to me while the same transiting planets were touching my own chart. No, I haven’t been convicted, imprisoned, retried and then acquitt…

Astrology for October ~ Golden Opportunities

Welcome to October, that wonderful month which for me is always about endings and fresh starts. Especially so this year, as I finished my 'day job' yesterday. The future is uncertain, but very exciting. October is also one of the most beautiful months as here in the northern hemisphere, the leaves turn every imaginable shade of gold and red, giving us a magnificent display before they fall. This year, the start of October brings unseasonable hot weather, with the mercury set to hit 30 degrees here in London today! A perfect day to go to a wedding, although I'm having to rethink my outfit, which involves knitwear!!! I hope you enjoy October folks.

October 2: Mars in Leo squares Jupiter in Taurus
October kicks off in dynamic fashion with passionate Mars squaring up to expansive Jupiter. This is a good time for following your heart and embarking on an exciting adventure. One note of caution… Try not to overstretch yourself by taking on too much and watch you don’t overindulge o…