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Astrology and Self Empowerment

What is astrology for? What can it do? Can it tell me what’s going to happen to me? These are common questions that even seasoned astrologers ask themselves from time to time.
One of the major criticisms of astrology is that it can’t make accurate predictions. I agree that it can’t, but rather than putting astrology on a back foot, I think this is one of its strengths and I’ll try and tell you why I think this.....
Take any birth chart and look at the aspects. Say the birth chart has a tight Venus-Saturn opposition aspect. What assumptions do we immediately make? Amongst other things, we might presume that the owner of this aspect has difficulties with relationships. In a lot of cases we would be correct in this assumption, but can we really say much more than this without some background information and some feedback from the person with the aspect? Not really. We need some context before we can unravel the mystery of what this aspect means.
Does the chart belong to a man or woman? How…

Good News Transits ~ Jupiter and Saturn

Everyone loves a bit of good news and I have been heartened to hear quite a few glad tidings recently from friends, family and colleagues. It’s certainly been a welcome lift after the doom and gloom of the last few months.

Where can we find good news in our horoscope?

The first and best place to look to is our transits. Here is part one of a light hearted summary of the good news that transits of Jupiter, Saturn and the outer planets can bring into your life. Yes, even Saturn and Pluto!


Joy, hope, optimism, good luck, opportunity. Jupiter transits promise a lot but doesn’t always deliver! So how do we make the most of them to make sure we turn them into good news?

 Opportunities don’t usually appear out of thin air, we have to go out and find them. If Jupiter is transiting your MC for example, this can spell good news for your career. Perhaps you are after a new job or chasing a promotion? It is unlikely to come if you don’t at least meet the universe half way. Letting your bos…

Astrology for May

Welcome to May.

I love May. It’s such a ripe month here in the northern hemisphere. The days are long and we’ve had a little taste of sunshine, so the promise and hope of a warm summer is upon us. Here in the UK, we are just coming down from the royal wedding, an event so full of romance and optimism.
The sky on the May 1st, magical May Day, offers us Neptune in Pisces and Mercury direct, following a rather tense retrograde in April. The Sun is in sensual Taurus, a stubborn Sun, steady in the face of Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Uranus, all in fiery Aries! Had enough of all the heat? Well, this May, the inner planets start to join the Sun in the earth sign of Taurus, helping us to connect to something a bit more tangible than hot air and rash impatience.
Here’s the low-down on April's main action...
Taurus New Moon May 2 (American time zones) or 3 (European/Asian time zones) As the Sun and Moon join in practical Taurus, it’s time to make a plan. Taurus likes nothing more th…