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The 7 Year Itch

So my beloved and I have just enjoyed our seventh wedding anniversary. To celebrate, we went to see one of our favourite bands and the occasion was marked with a couple of intriguing coincidences.

My husband discovered that a couple of his friends - a couple - were attending the gig so we arranged to meet for a drink beforehand and as soon as they walked through the door I realised I hadn’t seen one of them since our wedding. Then, when we arrived at the venue, I spotted a guy at the back of the room on his own looking a bit out of place. I looked and then I looked again. It was who I thought it was; the ex of one of my husband’s relatives. And when was the last time we saw him? At our wedding of course! The gig wasn’t his thing; he was only there to help his friend who was doing the lights for the show. He was thrilled to see us and vice versa.
As I’m the type who looks for meaning in these things and in signs and symbols in general – I wouldn’t be into astrology if I didn’t – I got t…

Jupiter in Leo - The Iraq Connection

Jupiter in Leo is an important trigger, a crucial point in the Jupiter cycle for the modern history of Iraq and a transit to watch closely. 

Iraq is awash with Lion symbolism. The Desert Lion (Shakir Wahiyib, the public face of Islamic State); The Lion of Babylon (Iraqi tank used during the 1991 War); the other Lion of Babylon (representing the King of Babylon and depicted at the Ishtar Gate to the ancient city, now part of Iraq) and of course, the live lions Saddam Hussein kept at his palace.

Also, it seems that Jupiter's transit of Leo is incredibly relevant to modern day Iraq. This is an expansion of my post of early July written just as Jupiter was moving into Leo, with further insights to offer, more dots to connect.

When in Leo, once every 12 years, Jupiter transits through Iraq's first house (representing the country as a whole and its leaders, its identity, its ego and how it wants to be perceived by the world), making conjunctions to its Mercury and Uranus conjunction as…

Jupiter in Leo - Internationalism & Iraq

Jupiter's in Leo from July 16th through August 11th 2015. What's highlighted when the planet of growth, expansion, luck, hope, optimism and expanded horizons enters the proud, stubborn, loyal, generous, kingly sign of the lion?
Hype; exaggeration; melodrama; idealism; confidence; fixed viewpoints; spotlight on authority (especially after Saturn in Scorpio comes out of Retrograde on July 20th). It’s also great for creative expression and acts of immense generosity, so long as there's an appreciative audience. Want some clues to how Jupiter in Leo might affect you? Look to the House Jupiter in Leo travels through in your chart (get your free chart at and any planets or angles it hits along the way. And think back to the last time Jupiter was in Leo - August 2002 through August 2003. What happened? Jupiter in Leo is also about fixed ideas around wisdom and knowledge; religious faith (including fanaticism); morals and ethics; law and justice.

It also puts a spotlight o…

Chiron in Pisces: Water Over Rocks (from the Archives)

With Chiron in Pisces just Retrograde (stationing half a degree from my natal Chiron - yes there were tears), here's one from the archives that's well worth revisiting...

With Chiron moving into Pisces, I have been planing to write a post about Chiron for some days now, but felt blocked, despite preparing pages and pages of notes.

The key word most of us associate with Chiron is healing and it’s very easy to predict that in Pisces, Chiron’s healing themes comes to the foremost, presenting us with a great opportunity for healing on a collective and personal level.

But Chiron, Pisces and life just isn’t as simple as that, so this morning I decided to meditate on some of the themes of Chiron in Pisces and a very interesting image came to me, an image of crystal clear water running over rocky ground, on the face of it a calm, restful image.

However, I have also been thinking about the meaning of discomfort these past few days and I had an ‘aha’ moment which brought these two ideas…

Astro-Detective Fiction Author Tells All!

I'm delighted to present this guest post from the wonderful Joyce Mason, talented author and astrologer and all round good soul. Enjoy her post and I hope it encourages you to read her inspiring and fun new mystery novel, The Crystal Ball.

In November 2013, Mandi Lockley was kind enough to mention my new novel, The Crystal Ball, in her info-rich post, Astrology, Fiction and The Doctor(s). Since then, I’ve discovered a couple of other fascinating articles on the topic of astrology and metaphysics in fiction. I’d like to share them with you and what I’ve learned from them.

Mandi offered me a chance to give the author’s perspective, as I find myself surprised and delighted to be part of an evolving new literary subgenre. Astrologer Armand Diaz calls it Astro-detective fiction. From behind the scenes, I thought you might enjoy learning how this dual genre is evolving for me, and how others are starting to see it. Not only does it have the potential to bring those of us who are “into” …