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A Blue Moon Lunar Eclipse

The New Year, indeed the New Decade, is ushered in by no less than an Eclipsed Full Moon. Not only that, but it's a Blue Moon - wow, what amazing energies to let go of the old and welcome the new.

Eclipses are about release and letting go, so before the festivities begin today this is a good time to think about what negative attachments you might want to work on.

This is highly personal work, but here are a few ideas based on your Sun sign:

Aries: Letting go of old issues around family dynamics; reconsidering the work-life balance

Taurus: Releasing negative thought patterns that have been holding you back

Gemini: Learning to value yourself more, letting go of self-limiting beliefs about yourself

Cancer: Releasing self-critical behaviour, learning to love yourself for who you are

Leo: Letting go of the need to always be in the spotlight by recognising when to retreat and rest

Virgo: Releasing the need to be over self-sufficient by learning to accept help from others

Libra: Letting go of unn…

Astro Energies for 2010

Quite a year 2009 was and quite a year 2010 will be.

The New Year bells ring in with a Lunar Eclipse in Cancer. This eclipse reminds us that Cancer is the only cardinal sign not set to be inhabited by an outer planet this year. Jupiter moves into Aries in June; Saturn is in Libra (albeit with a Retrograde back to Virgo between April and July); Uranus dips his toe into Aries between late May and early August and Pluto remains in Capricorn.
These planets, along with Mars in Libra, go on to form a much anticipated cardinal t-square in late July 2010, a formation which has been widely dubbed the ‘Cardinal Climax’ (pictured below). Please note and I can’t say this strongly enough, this so-called cardinal climax is not a one-day, one-off event. This has been building since 2008 and runs right through to 2012/3.

The Cardinal Climax Planetary
So much has been written about it and I’ll point you in the direction of a few writers at the end, but in short, it symbolizes huge change, disrup…

Working with Eclipses [Updated]

Upcoming and Recent Eclipses (GMT dates):

31 December ’09: Lunar Eclipse at 10 Cancer 14
15 January ’10: Solar Eclipse at 25 Capricorn 01
26 June ‘10: Lunar Eclipse at 4 Capricorn 46
11 July ‘10: Total Solar Eclipse at 19 Cancer 23
21 December ’10: Total Lunar Eclipse at 29 Gemini 20
4 January ’11: Solar Eclipse at 13 Capricorn 38
1 June '11: Solar Eclipse at 11 Gemini 01
15 June '11: Total Lunar Eclipse at 24 Sagittarius 23
1 July '11: Solar Eclipse at 9 Cancer 12
24 November '11: Solar Eclipse at 02 Sagittarius 36

10 December '11: Total Lunar Eclipse at 18 Gemini 10
20 May '12: Solar Eclipse at 00 Gemini 20
4 June '12: Lunar Eclipse at 14 Sagittarius 13

Working with Eclipses:

If you feel strongly affected by any of these Eclipses, it might help to go a bit further and work with the energy of the Eclipses and see how they fit into your personal astrological cycles.

You will find that the most potent Eclipses for you personally are those that fall in very cl…

Mercury Retrograde Gets Serious

2009 has treated us to four Mercury Retrograde periods instead of the usual three and the final one begins on 26th December in Capricorn.

A planet is Retrograde when it appears to move backwards. Click here> for a full explanation of Retrograde.

Here is the data for this Mercury Retrograde:
Stations Retrograde on 26 Dec 2009 at 22 Capricorn Stations Direct on 15 Jan 2010 at 6 Capricorn Retrograde period: 21 days

If we also factor in the ‘shadow’ period of the Retrograde, the longer influence spans from 10 December 2009, when Mercury first passed 6 Capricorn to 4 February 2010, when Mercury final clears 22 Capricorn, the degree of the Retrograde Station on 26th December.

OK, so that’s the technical stuff out of the way, so what does Mercury Retrograde (Rx) mean? This is what I said in my blog on the last Mercury Rx in September:
“I have to say that much is said and written about Mercury Retrograde and it is often feared as a time when everything is likely to go wrong, especially anything to…

Ho! Ho! Ho! The Solstice & The Sun in Capricorn

The Winter Solstice is the shortest day of the year, marking the yearly turning point when the days become longer, a promise of Spring.

The Solstices are always a very poignant, spiritual time, loaded with myth and symbolism, celebrated throughout history in rituals and festivals across different religions and cultures.

For us astrologers, the Winter Solstice on the 21st December (in the Northern Hemisphere) marks the Sun’s ingress into the Cardinal Earth sign of Capricorn, the old sea goat.

When the Sun moves into a new sign, I always like to write an upbeat positive blog about that sign. Especially so for Capricorn, the oft-maligned sign whose ruler is that old Malefic, Saturn, the hard task master, the planet that won’t let us get away with it, he who subjects us to boundaries, limitations, obligations, difficult lessons and a nagging conscience.

Being a Capricorn myself, it’s hard to be objective, so I was thrilled when I found this blog from Mystic Cyber Crow which has some great pic…

Mars Retrograde News Watch [Update]

I spotted this at Victoria Station in London the other day and thought it was such a perfect poster for Mars in Leo.

You’ve got the big cat (OK, it’s not a Lion, but let’s not split whiskers)!

There’s the direct reference to the red planet in the band name Thirty Seconds to Mars

The album title is This is War (astrologically, Mars rules wars)

Finally, as if that wasn’t enough, another reference to regal Leo: Includes the Hit Single ‘Kings and Queens’

You couldn’t make it up!

Anybody know this band, are they any good?

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Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron & The New Moon

When I was thinking about what I would write in this blog on the New Moon in Sagittarius and messing around on my astrology software, I discovered something that really intrigued me.

I pulled up the charts for the previous New Moons and realised that every New Moon since the Leo New Moon in August has been strongly connected by aspect to the moving Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron triple Conjunction in Aquarius.

The Leo New Moon in August Opposed it; the September Virgo New Moon Quincunxed it; October’s Libra New Moon carried a Trine aspect; November’s Scorpio Moon Squared it and finally, this December’s Sagittarius New Moon Sextiles it.

This gives me a real sense of optimism and I’ll tell you why I think so, but first a bit of explanation of New Moons and of the Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron triple Conjunction.

A New Moon (the monthly Conjunction of the Sun and Moon) is a seeding time, a time to make fresh plans. However, because the New Moon is the darkest time of the lunar cycle, we must plant our seed…

Mars Retrograde News Watch

When the planets change direction (Retrograde or Direct), it’s always a good time to keep an eye on the news for stories that reflect this. This is a great way to see astrology in action and learn just how the movements of the planets really do seem to reflect life here on planet earth.

Below I’ve listed a few themes to look out for during the Mars in Leo Retrograde period, but see my last blog, A Retrograde Cat Fight, for a discussion on the timings and the general and personal themes.

General stories about young men
For example, last week it was reported in the UK that a growing number of young men are opting to stay living at home with their parents well into their late twenties and thirties. This is partly because they like being looked after and partly because they can't afford to move out.
A young man, Joe McElderry, won the UK X Factor. [Update 20th Dec: in the biggest and most exciting music chart battle ever, on the day Mars goes Rx, Rage Against the Machine's song Killin…

Mars in Leo - A Retrograde Cat Fight

Mars in Leo Stations Retrograde on 20 Dec 2009 (at 190Leo42’) and then Stations Direct on 10 Mar 2010 (at 00Leo18’). However, this whole Retrograde cycle really began on 19 October 2009, when Mars first hit 00Leo18’, the degree it is destined to Retrograde back to. The Retrograde loop will end when Mars Direct makes it back again to 190Leo42’ on 17 May 2010, finally clearing his Retrograde ‘shadow’.

To summarise, the whole Mars Retrograde loop lasts from 19 October 09 through to 17 May 10, with an intense period between 20 December and 10 March, when Mars is actually moving Retrograde (Rx).

That’s all well and good, you might be thinking, but what does it all mean? This is an article about Mars after all, so you can be forgiven for feeling impatient.

Well, in the horoscope, Mars symbolizes where and how we direct our energy, how we act, our desires, our physicality and our sexual urges. It represents how we anger and what makes us angry, how we compete and assert our will and how we appr…

Astrology of a Lottery Win

I’ve been joking recently about winning the lottery.

With Transiting Pluto (transformation/power) Conjunct my Sun (self) in the 8th House (other people’s money) could it happen? Well, the Sun rules my 5th house (gambling, speculation), so maybe! Add to the fact that lucky Sagittarius is the sign on the 8th house cusp and maybe there’s more of a case? However, the ruler of the 8th, Jupiter, is not in such great shape being in Detriment in Gemini, even though it’s on the cusp of the 2nd house (assets/possessions) and disposited by Mercury, the ruler of the 2nd.

Sadly, my astrology buddies think this is mostly wishful thinking on my part. Well, I can prove them all wrong, because last week I did indeed win the lottery. Steady on though before you all get in touch with your requests for monetary support, I only won £10! Still, that’s better than a kick in the teeth don’t you think?

I don’t have much of a history for winning things, especially not by luck. Any wins (such as when one of my sho…

The Descent: A Moon Pluto Story

[Please note: this article contains spoilers throughout for the 2005 movie The Descent. However, it contains no spoilers for The Descent Part Two which is released in early December 2009 ]

Watching the British horror movie The Descent recently, I was struck by just how perfect a metaphor for the Moon-Pluto dynamic this movie is. The story line goes like this: the lead character, Sarah (played by actress Shauna Macdonald), is grieving for her husband and most particularly for her young daughter. Both died violently after their car was struck by a truck on the way back from a white water rafting trip Sarah took with four female friends. A year later, as part of her healing process, Sarah travels to America’s Appalachian mountains to meet up again with the friends from the rafting trip, including Juno (played by Natalie Mendoza). A sixth woman joins them, the fearless Holly (played by Nora-Jane Noone). The women embark on a caving expedition in a remote part of the national park, but from…

Uranus Direct & Uranus Transits

On December 1st Uranus turns Direct (forwards), after five months of moving Retrograde (backwards) through the sign of Pisces.

In Uranus Direct and the Iraq Inquiry, I discussed how this latest Uranus Retrograde has been reflected in the news. But never mind war and politics, you might be asking, what about me? Well, this blog looks at Uranus Direct as it affects individuals who are currently having a Uranus transit.

You know you are currently having a Uranus transit if you have the Sun, Moon or any planet or angle (Ascendant, Midheaven etc) placed between 22 and 27 degrees of one of the Mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces). If this is the case, then you have been experiencing your Uranus Transit for at least the last few months, possibly even for up to a year.

[If you do not know if you have Sun, Moon, planets or angles between 22 and 27 degrees of the Mutable signs you can quickly download your birth chart, which will provide you with this information in a simple to un…

December’s Astrology (including VOC Moon times)

Welcome to December!

Here's a link to: December’s Moon sign changes and Moon of Void of Course times

November was marked by the Sun’s passage through Intense Scorpio and expansive Sagittarius. Neptune turned Direct early in the month, the last of the Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron triple conjunction to do so. This rare conjunction in Aquarius will make its last exact hit on 21st December, before Jupiter starts racing forwards to meet Pisces.

In mid November, two of the sky’s heaviest hitters, Saturn in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn met for the first of three Squares. I have posted a number of blogs on this topic and here is a link to the first one, which introduces the major themes of this planetary alignment: Saturn-Pluto themes and processes.

December starts off very busily, astrologically speaking, with Uranus turning Direct on the first of the month. To read about how Uranus Direct is reflected in current world events, click here>. To read about how Uranus Direct might affect you person…