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Astrology for August Part 2 ~ Calmer, Cleaner, Humbler

August’s astro-preview is split into two parts. A summary list of all August’s events is included at the end of each post. Click to read Part 1
August 16/17: Sun, Mercury and Venus Collide

Well, not exactly a collision but a conjunction, meaning that the three planets occupy the same section of the night sky, in the constellation of Leo.

These planets coming together in Leo speak about courage, creativity, drama, recognition and pride, as well what we hold dearest in our hearts and in our minds. Coming straight of the back of the Aquarius Full Moon adds to the drama and intensity of this triple conjunction and Mercury retrograde urges us to review our ideals.

Are we idealistically clinging on to old, worn out mindsets? When we relate to others are we truly sharing, giving of ourselves, or are we only thinking of what we can get out of the partnership? Are we channeling our creative energies in the right direction? Where in our lives do we truly need to be courageous now? Do we unre…

The Riots and Why I Still Love London

Police helicopters? The wail of Sirens? Just another Saturday night in North London I thought, as I rolled over in bed to enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep. On Sunday morning I woke to the shocking news that just a mile away, in Tottenham High Road, a protest against the police shooting of Mark Duggan had spiraled into violence, arson and looting.

With a sense of shock, I watched the footage on TV. Around lunchtime, I headed up to the nearby Wood Green shopping centre, to pick up a paper and browse the clothing stores, unaware that while police were trying to contain the riots a mile away, local thugs had looted and vandalized the area. Some of the photos of what I saw illustrate this post. My overwhelming feeling was deep upset at the mindless, pointless destruction of my neighborhood.

As you have most likely heard, the violence quickly spread across the capital, peaking on Monday in the worst night of disorder in London in living memory. Meanwhile, there was rioting and looting in othe…

The Goddesses are Coming ~ Up Close with Vesta


This week, NASA published some remarkable close up photos of the asteroid Vesta.

It’s part of NASA’s Dawn Mission, which is orbiting in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. Next stop Ceres. Ceres and Vesta are what they call protoplanets and by studying them, the mission hopes to uncover new insights into the birth of our solar system.

You can read all about the mission at

Both Ceres and Vesta are well known to astrologers. Along with Juno and Pallas Athena they are the Asteroid Goddesses, profoundly feminine energies amongst a group of planets that for the most part are named for the western masculine mythological tradition. Slowly though, the tables are turning, as new bodies are being named for female deities including Eris, after the Greek goddess of strife and discord and Sedna, in honor of the Inuit goddess of the sea.

And now that Vesta and eventually Ceres are finally showing us their beautiful faces, close up and personal, what does this mean…

August Astrology Part 1 ~ Drama Revisited

August’s astro-preview is split into two parts. A summary list of all August’s events is included at the end of each post. Click to read part two.

July 30: New Moon in Leo

August begins off the back of a Leo New Moon on July 30. The Sun remains in Leo until August 23.

Here are some quotes from some very well known Leos Mick Jagger’s is my particular favorite.

This classic song sums up the month of Leo for me: Those Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days of Summer by Nat King Cole, a legend clearly named after his Saturn and Neptune in Leo.

August 2/3: Mercury Retrograde in Virgo & Leo

Mercury has been in Virgo since July 28, urging us to think logically, critically, analytically and to use our words, minds and hands to be helpful.

On August 2 or 3rd (depending on your time zone), the trickster planet turns retrograde. While we’ve come to expect glitches in communication, travel and technology while Mercury is retrograde, there’s no need be fearful. The world won’t stop, just remember that the devil …