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Planetary Postcards

I picked up these wonderful postcards at Out of this Worlda fantastic Science-Fiction exhibition at The British Library....


Solstice Forecast

What will the next three months bring? Change or business as usual? Summer of discontent or calm before the storm?

The Sun’s yearly ingress into Cancer marks the June Solstice (summer in the northern hemisphere, winter in the south). 

Solstice charts, along with Equinox charts, are considered to reflect the energies of the upcoming three months.

The Solstice chart below is set for London, for the moment the Sun moves into Cancer on June 21. However, the planetary aspects, degrees and sign placements will not change if you relocate the chart, (only the angles and house positions change), so they are relevant anywhere. So this review of the Solstice looks at the general aspects and planet positions, as they would apply anywhere in the world and also looks at a few things as they relate specifically to the UK.

In the Solstice chart, the Sun forms a cardinal grand cross, involving Mercury, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto. (I am allowing orbs of up to ten degrees here, which is the standard in mundan…

Good News Transits ~ Uranus

Welcome to part two of Good News Transits a look at the benefits and lessons that transits of Jupiter, Saturn and the outer planets can bring into our lives. Part one looked at how to make the most of Saturn and Jupiter transits and this one looks at the upside of Uranus transits. Sometimes it’s hard to see the gifts that the transits of the outer planets bring. Their transits can last a year or more and can really turn our lives upside down. But let’s jump right in. Here goes.....
Uranus transits symbolize events, feelings and life developments which are unpredictable, unexpected, unprecedented, unusual and/or unconventional. We may experience breakdowns, break ups, breakthroughs and Eureka moments during a Uranus transit. This transit can feel exciting and electric and we may have a lot of nervous energy that we just can’t switch off. So, what's the good news?
Ø All change is good! Right? Perhaps not, but Uranus transits are great for helping us get out of a boring rut, to b…

Astrology for June ~ Welcome to Eclipse Season

Welcome to June. This is Eclipse season, when the dance of the Earth, Sun and Moon falls into special alignment. There are three eclipses in June/July, plus Neptune, Saturn, Uranus and Chiron all change direction (Uranus in July). On top of that, Jupiter makes it yearly sign change.... this time from impulsive Aries to security conscious Taurus. Expect to see many interesting developments, changes, turnarounds, endings and new beginnings over the next couple of months.

Breaking News! Solar Eclipse in Gemini
June 1:
Before I started to write this little paragraph about June’s partial solar eclipse in Gemini, I looked back on almost two years of previous Astroair posts on eclipses. Suddenly, I was overwhelmed with information! I can’t include it all here, I need to let go of some of it, or put it aside for now and possibly recycle it in a future post. Maybe this is the message of this eclipse. We can’t know everything, we can’t share every detail. Sometimes we have to discriminate and ke…