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The Story of an Art Heist ~ The People vs. Big Business

When a new work by renowned street artist Banksy appeared on the side of a Poundland store in London's Wood Green, locals were thrilled and the Council was quick to express its support and enthusiasm.

The piece appeared overnight on 13/14 May 2012 and is thought to be a comment on child slave labour and on the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.

I live about a mile from Wood Green High Road. It's not an attractive or exciting shopping hub, but it serves its community well. It's been hit by the economic recession and was badly looted and vandalised during the riots of 2011. The appearance of a Banksy was a real boost, something to feel proud about.

At its surprise appearance (chart above), the Moon was in Pisces, joining Neptune and Chiron (art healing the people). The Sun joined opportunistic Jupiter in materialistic Taurus. Mercury was also in Taurus in an Earth Grand Trine with Mars in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn. This Trine along with the Taurus concentration describes what …

What Goes Around Comes Around

Because we're ruled by time, it’s easy to believe that the human experience is linear, that we move ever forward in one direction. When you study astrology – as indeed when you delve into the bigger picture of history - it becomes very apparent that on our constantly revolving earth, everything is in fact cyclical. This, to me, is in its turn a reflection of the observable cycles of nature and the predictable movements and alignments of the planets.

I was doing some research for my new book (non-astrology-related) and it took me in a round about way to the Wikipedia entry on Franklin D Roosevelt’s Inaugural Speech of 1933.*

On the day, Uranus in Aries was exactly square Pluto in Cancer at 21 degrees.Today, Uranus has returned to Aries and once again is in the midst of a series of game-changing squares with Pluto (now in Capricorn). The same astrological cycle is repeating itself. These astrological parallels between now and the 30’s (the Great Depression era) are also clearly refle…