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Astrology, Fiction and The Doctor(s)

Hello, it’s been a good long while so an update is long overdue.

So what have I been up to that’s been taking me away from this blog I love so much? As well as currently holding down a very demanding ‘day job’, I have been writing a long piece of fiction. I’ve got more than 40,000 words down on paper, so I’m about half way through. I’ve committed to finish it so I’m trying to devote most of my limited free time to it. Yes, it does have an astrological angle, but not overtly so.

Why fiction? It came from a long ago germ of an idea born out of a conversation with a stranger in a pub. I did quite a bit of work developing the idea at the time and then the notes just sat in a drawer for a few years. It wouldn’t lay down and rest though, it just nagged and nagged at me until finally I gave in and started writing. I’m pleased with progress so far and really enjoying immersing myself in my story and its characters. I’m finding it a welcome release from the very long, otherwise quite difficult N…

Underwater Lakes in Neptune's Kingdom

At the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico, on the sea bed, over half a mile down, there lies an underwater lake, with a lapping tide, a curving shoreline and a surface easily discernible from the surrounding sea water.
How can that be? It's underwater?
It turns out that the water in the 'lake' is a thick briny soup, much heavier than regular sea water and that its 'beach' is made up of a vast colony of mussels. This habitat has evolved a completely new ecosystem, full of previously undiscovered species of flora and fauna and so deep under the water that it functions without the life giving energies of the Sun. Instead it is fuelled by bacteria and methane. So far we have explored just 1% of the ocean floor, so who knows what else is out there to be discovered. It feels like a metaphor for the unknowable parts of our subconscious. And mysterious impossible lakes beneath the sea? It feels like we are swimming in Neptune's kingdom. When we're experiencing a Neptu…

Book Review: The Secret Language of Astrology

This is a stunning book to look at and fortunately its content more than lives up to its beauty.

The title gives away a secret most people don’t know - that astrology is a language, one rich in symbolism and myth with a history spanning some 5000 years or more.

Starting right at the beginning, Roy Gillett’s book offers a concise, but comprehensive exploration of the ancient origins and development of astrology, taking us right up to the present day. He explores astrology’s current reputation, how and why it’s been dismissed by both religion and science and why we should reconsider astrology as a vital tool for understanding not just ourselves, but our world and our collective place within it.
“The cycle of the heavens, and of each individual consciousness within it, may be seen as a reflection of one unified world soul.”
However, what most people new to astrology picking up this book will be asking is what does astrology say about me?In this respect, The Secret Language of Astrologywill …

Feeling good about Jupiter in Cancer

Ready for some good news at last?

Well, Jupiter moves signs this week, a yearly event which is always a cause for optimism.

After just over a year in Gemini, the planet of growth, hope and expansion, moves into watery, sensitive, moony Cancer.

The major themes of Jupiter in Cancer are explored below and where Jupiter touches something in our chart we are presented with an opportunity:

 ~ A chance for integration and self expression where Jupiter touches planets in Cancer by Conjunction

~ Easy creativity and emotional flow, if we're prepared to tap into it, when it Trines planets in Scorpio and Pisces

~ Opportunity knocks when it aspects planets in Taurus and Virgo by Sextile, but it's up to us to seize it when it comes

~ A chance to overcome challenges and breeze through obstacles a bit more easily when it Squares planets in Aries and Libra

~ An opportunity to reach out to others and improve relationships when it Opposes planets in Capricorn

Tips for your Jupiter transit:

~ You ne…

Nelson Mandela, Freedom and Sacrifice

I can’t think of Nelson Mandela without the Free Nelson Mandela tune popping into my head. Released in 1984, it was a protest song against his imprisonment for opposing the apartheid South African government.
Mandela has a Moon-Uranus Square in his birth chart, an aspect of freedom, independence and rebellion. In Mandela’s case, his early years were nothing less than a rebellion against his mother country. Moon-Uranus is not an aspect you would expect to suit someone who spent 27 years incarcerated. And it’s not. But Mandela was a political prisoner and with his Moon in tenacious, unyielding Scorpio, he never gave up on his ideals. Eventually, his time inside became an act of protest in itself and this no doubt helped to sustain him. The Moon falls in the 12th, the house associated with imprisonment. With this placement comes the need to feel and understand sacrifice, to serve, to surrender oneself to something greater, but with the Moon in Scorpio in its Fall, this happens the hard wa…

The Jupiter Return - A Cause for Celebration?

It's my Jupiter Return. Three cheers, hip hip hooray and let's all drink a toast to that!

Call me an old curmudgeon if you like, but the Jupiter Return feels like one of those celebratory occasions that force us to be jolly, whether we want to be or not. These days promise so much, but deliver so little. For me, they include New Year's Eve (it's just a date) and Christmas. The pre-crimbo stress and expense rarely seems worth it and the magic feels sadly absent, but perhaps that's because it only really exists in the Hollywood version. Birthdays also come under this category for me, but no doubt that's because my birthday falls on Christmas day, when everyone is too busy to make the effort or give a s**t, myself included.

I sound very Saturnian, at its grumpiest best, don't I?  Certainly I don't sound like someone who has a sort-of maybe Sun-Jupiter aspect in my birth chart. Perhaps I should explain a little bit more about my Jupiter and Jupiter in Gem…

A Murder Case Re-Opened

Back in October 2011 I looked at the transits for Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito upon their acquittal of the murder of Meredith Kercher (you can see relevant highlights from that article below and the full article here). It was announced today that their acquittal has been overturned and a retrial will take place. Perhaps we should not be surprised. That sleeping dogs shall not be allowed to lie, seems to have become a trademark of Saturn in Scorpio in mutual reception and sextile with Pluto in Capricorn. That, along with the game-changing shocking twists and turns we have come to associate with the on-going Uranus-Pluto Squares, has facilitated the uncovering of dark and long kept secrets and forced us to face unpalatable truths. These planetary alignments suggest that the truth will now finally be dragged out one way or another in this tragic case. For the sake of Kercher’s family most of all, but also for Knox and Sollecito. If they are innocent, as they insist they are, they ca…

The Story of an Art Heist ~ The People vs. Big Business

When a new work by renowned street artist Banksy appeared on the side of a Poundland store in London's Wood Green, locals were thrilled and the Council was quick to express its support and enthusiasm.

The piece appeared overnight on 13/14 May 2012 and is thought to be a comment on child slave labour and on the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.

I live about a mile from Wood Green High Road. It's not an attractive or exciting shopping hub, but it serves its community well. It's been hit by the economic recession and was badly looted and vandalised during the riots of 2011. The appearance of a Banksy was a real boost, something to feel proud about.

At its surprise appearance (chart above), the Moon was in Pisces, joining Neptune and Chiron (art healing the people). The Sun joined opportunistic Jupiter in materialistic Taurus. Mercury was also in Taurus in an Earth Grand Trine with Mars in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn. This Trine along with the Taurus concentration describes what …