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Capricorn Lunar Eclipse: Letting Go & Yin & Yang

Capricorn by Josephine Wall
Just like the chart for the Solstice, the Capricorn Lunar Eclipse on June 26th picks up the ongoing cardinal t-square formation of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto, bringing the themes of this formation even more strongly into the frame of our consciousness.

In my blog about the Solstice, I talked about how so many of us have had a challenging couple of years. We’ve been dealing with big changes, responding to the need to set new boundaries, adjusting to restricted or reduced circumstances, not to mention trying to keep up with the tiring juggling act we’ve had to perfect in order to keep everything in balance! This could be operating at any level or all levels - the emotional, mental, spiritual or material level, for instance.

All in all, collectively and individually, we’ve been feeling stretched and squeezed and prodded and now we feel just about ready to pop and indeed, a Lunar Eclipse certainly represents a time when energies are released, not just on…

Cancer by Cancerians

The Sun is now in the lovely watery sign of Cancer, so let's hear what a few well known Cancerians have to say for themselves:
The right diet directs sexual energy into the parts that matter. Barbara Cartland, author of romantic novels Sun in Cancer, Moon in Aries
The great gift of human beings is that we have the power of empathy. Meryl Streep, actress Sun in Cancer, Moon in Taurus
I'll tell you what I would do in a shot if I could. I would sing in the barbershop quartet in The Music Man. Ned Beatty, actor Sun in Cancer, Moon in Gemini
My great-grandmother was your great-great-grandfather's mistress, so how about it? Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, formerly Camilla Parker Bowles. Reportedly said to Prince Charles when she first met him in 1970 Sun in Cancer, Moon in Cancer
You'll never find peace of mind until you listen to your heart. George Michael, singer-songwriter Sun in Cancer, Moon in Leo
Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can't help them, at least…

The Solstice and the Grand Cross

The Sun’s ingress into the sign of Cancer is always a very important power point in the solar calendar, marking the June Solstice*. This year’s Solstice chart is a very powerful one indeed because it picks right up on all the main action!

Cancer, as many of you will know, is one of the cardinal signs, the others being Aries, Libra and Capricorn. Since 2008 most of the outer planets, which represent collective moods, feeling and developments, have been moving into the cardinal signs. First Pluto moved into Capricorn in 2008, next Saturn went into Libra in 2009, and finally in March ’10, Uranus moved Aries.

The chart for the Solstice picks up all these outer planets very strongly. You can see this very clearly, marked out in red lines in the chart below. The Sun, to the left of the chart, connects with Saturn at the bottom (currently in Virgo after a retrograde period, but back in Libra by July 21); Pluto in Capricorn on the right and Jupiter and Uranus in Aries at the top. These conn…

Gemini New Moon - Let There Be Words!

New Moons are times of new hope and fresh ideas, the kind of newness that begins in the dark, but finds its way, gradually towards the light. This month’s New Moon, on the 12th June, is in Gemini, the sign of language, communication, ideas, connections, learning.

Gemini is ruled by Mercury and since the 9th June, Mercury has been in Gemini, firing us up with lively conversations and filling our mind with bright ideas. Now, under the Gemini New Moon, it’s time to analyse all those conversations (and emails) and sift through all those ideas, to see which ones look like they’re worth following through with. Be discriminating as you do this, so you only plant the seeds of the ideas that are most likely to blossom into something interesting, lively and healthy.

The seed is the idea. When expressed, ideas becomes words/communication, then words become deeds and before we know it we have created something. It’s up to you whether you create something new and good and special or if you just pl…

Uranus in Aries and your Personal Mars Sign

Part 2: Mars in Libra through Mars in Pisces (Click here to read about Aries through Virgo)

As I mentioned in Part 1, Uranus in Aries is an exciting transit of fast forward movement, sudden change, spontaneous happenings and exciting breakthroughs. Because Mars rules Aries, your natal Mars will be stimulated by Uranus in Aries, so here’s a look at Mars through the signs and how Uranus in Aries might affect it.

Mars in Libra

If you have Mars in Libra you put your energy into building relationships through being sociable, charming and cooperative. Before making a decision and acting on it, you consider the other side of things and/or the other people involved. Your reputation for indecisiveness is not deserved. If you hesitate before you act it’s only because you want to weigh up all the options and then act in an even-handed, fair way. However, once your mind is made up you have no problem acting on your decision quickly, forcefully and sometimes self-righteously. When challenged you ar…

Weather Forecasting with Astrology

The month of June is upon us and in the UK it has come to symbolise strawberries and cream at Wimbledon, jugs of iced Pimms shared outdoors with friends, rivers of mud at Glastonbury Festival and glamorous white weddings at romantic country houses.
Of all the months in the year, June is the month when we most want the weather to be dry and warm, so we hang on to every word of the weather forecaster.
But there’s also a very simple and pretty reliable way of forecasting the weather using horary astrology, which I learnt at a seminar by horary master John Frawley.
Here’s how you do it.
First you ask a question. The more specific the question the better, so relate your question to a particular event you want to know the weather for. My question was “what will the weather be like at Glastonbury Festival this year?”
Next you cast a chart for the moment the question was asked. In my example the question was asked at 10.43am on 29th May 2010 in London.
Here’s the chart that came up.
Now, what’s t…

Astrology for June – Bustin’ Out All Over!

“June is bustin’ out all over” and here’s a preview of June’s exciting, boredom bustin’ astrological occurrences:

Jupiter into Aries and Jupiter conjunct Uranus

On June 6th opportunistic, expansive Jupiter moves into spontaneous, pioneering Aries and then, on the 8th, it makes the first of a series of conjunctions with Uranus – a rollercoaster ride of an aspect that’s sure to shake things up and add a little excitement to our lives. Under this aspect we crave freedom and adventure and we feel more willing to take risks to get what we want. Many of us have felt so restricted by circumstances this last year or so – mostly symbolized by the current series of restricting Saturn-Pluto squares - so allowing ourselves a little rebellion and disregard for the rules can feel very liberating these coming months. However, remember that Jupiter and Uranus are forming a t-square with Saturn and Pluto, so any chances you take must be very carefully weighed up against the practical realities of your…