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Uranus Direct & The Iraq Inquiry

On December 1st Uranus turns Direct (forwards), after five months of moving Retrograde (backwards) through the sign of Pisces.

The Retrograde period for any planet symbolises a time when the energies and urges the planet represents go inwards, slow down and come up for review. Old ground is re-covered, forward moving action is often delayed and U-turns are likely until the Retrograde period is over.

Now that Uranus is moving forwards and its energies can be directed outwards again, expect to see Uranian type issues coming up in the news. Look out for announcements of new inventions*, scientific and technological breakthroughs, celebrity break ups and break downs, changes in governments, ripples of rebellion and revolution, extreme or unusual weather patterns and anything else that is shocking, surprising or unconventional.
[*Update: 2nd December - a new invention is announced: a 100mph lawnmower - what a totally crazy Uranus thing!]

One news story that seems to be following Uranus’ transi…

Planetary Retrograde Dates for 2010

Here are the dates of planetary Retrograde and Direct Stations for 2010.

(For an explanation of Retrograde, Station and Direct, please click here>)

Stations Retrograde on 26 Dec 2009 at 22 Capricorn
Stations Direct on 15 Jan 2010 at 6 Capricorn
Retrograde period (including Station): 21 days
Stations Retrograde on 18 Apr 2010 at 13 Taurus Stations Direct on 11 May 2010 at 03 Taurus
Retrograde period (including Station): 24 days

Stations Retrograde on 20 Aug 2010 at 19 Virgo Stations Direct on 12 Sep 2010 at 05 Virgo
Retrograde period (including Station): 24 days

Stations Retrograde on 10 Dec 2010 at 06 Capricorn Stations Direct on 29 Dec 2010 at 20 Sagittarius
Retrograde period (including Station): 22 days

Stations Retrograde on 7 Oct 2010 at 13 Scorpio Stations Direct on 18 Nov 2010 at 28 Libra
Retrograde period (including Station): 42 days

Stations Retrograde on 20 Dec 2009 at 20 Leo
Stations Direct on 10 Mar 2010 at 0 Leo
Retrograde period (including Station): 82 days


Retrograde Planets in the Birth Chart

If you have a Retrograde planet in your birth chart, there’s no need to panic, it doesn’t mean that the part of your life that the particular planet represents is not going to be successful!

The general theory is that the Retrograde planet is expressed more on an inner level, that the needs and urges represented by the planet are somewhat held back or blocked. However, there is usually a second chance later in life for the person to learn to express that planet at its best. From a karmic point of view, it is as if the Retrograde planet represents a life lesson, a challenge that must be met in order to deal with unfinished business and clear the path for future progress.

For example, a recent client with Mercury Retrograde in his birth chart had difficulty in communicating as a child which led to underachievement in learning at school. However, as a young adult, after a few years of drifting, he discovered a passion and talent for electronics which spurred him back into education where h…

Retrograde Planets in Astrology Explained

[Updated Jan 13 '11]

A Simple Explanation of Station and Retrograde in Astrology

We all accept that the planets revolve around the Sun in continuous forward motion. However, astrology views the planets from our place here on planet Earth. From this perspective, it appears as if the planets sometimes slow down and stop. When a planet does this it is known as Station Retrograde. From this point the planet then appears to move backwards for a while. This is known as Retrograde (which is sometimes written as Rx). After a few days, weeks or months of doing this (the slower moving planets spend more time Retrograde than the faster planets), the Retrograde planet slows down and stops again, Stations Direct, after which it moves forwards again, Direct, and gradually gains momentum. When a planet is Retrograde, it is said that the energies and urges the planet represent go inwards, slow down, come up for review, that old ground has to be re-covered and that unnecessary action should be delay…

Pluto & The Power of Myth

I have been re-reading The Power of Myth the wonderful book based on the 1980's TV Series of the same name, which is basically a conversation between mythologist Joseph Campbell and journalist Bill Moyers.

In the book, I came across the following quote from Campbell:

"One thing that comes out in myths is that at the bottom of the abyss comes the voice of salvation. The black moment is when the real message of transformation is going to come. At the darkest moment comes the light."

These words speak to me as a reflection of the processes symbolised by Pluto in astrology...a message, ultimately, of hope.

(& as if you haven't already guessed, I'm having my very own personal Pluto transit right now!!! )


The Sun Gallops into Sagittarius

On 21st November the Sun starts its yearly gallop through the adventurous, energetic, optimistic sign of Sagittarius.
There's a real sense of spirit about Sagittarius, which is not surprising given it's a Fire sign. However, unlike the pioneering 'me first' spirit of Aries and the fiercely loyal but ego-centric 'look at me' fire of Leo, the Sagittarian fire quest is one which takes this sign above and beyond, pushing further onwards and upwards in its search for meaning and its vision of the future.
Sagittarius is the great explorer of the zodiac, reaching out to far flung places, of the world and of the mind. Represented by the Centaur it is the only sign with a mythical creature as its glyph, reminding us that he will go as far as the heavens themselves in order to complete his quest. As the saying goes: Fools rush in where angels fear to tread!
Yes, Sagittarius can seem foolhardy or slapdash or downright irresponsible, but what the rest of us sometimes forget…

New Moon in Scorpio: The Soaring Eagle

The New Moon is the darkest time of the lunar cycle, a time when Lady Luna disappears from our sky. Of course this is merely an illusion, she is there we just can’t see her. This reminds me of Scorpio’s ruler Pluto who, in mythology, must wear a helmet of invisibility whenever he surfaces from the Underworld. Unseen he does his work, so that when we finally see the results of his actions, they appear as forced changes and big transformations for which we do not feel suitably prepared.

Like Pluto, Scorpio is also a transformer who prefers to operate imperceptibly. Scorpio’s realm is the realm of the emotions, where s/he scours the hidden depths of feelings, often going to places that lesser mortals would fearfully shy away from. When the scorpion finally emerges, it brings with it the deepest and the darkest emotional detritus, offering it up to the light, where it can be cleansed and healed.

It is therefore reassuring to see today’s Scorpio New Moon connected by aspect to the Jupiter-Ne…

Saturn-Pluto Part 3: Politics, Economics & War

While many individual lives will be reflecting the themes of Saturn Square Pluto, described in Saturn-Pluto Part 1, astrologers believe that aspects such as this, between the outer planets, also reflect world events. This branch of astrology, which studies countries, world leaders and economic cycles, is known as World or Mundane Astrology.

In Mundane Astrology the way planetary movements are reflected in world events is tracked by studying the bigger cycles of the outer planets, the current Saturn-Pluto Square being just one aspect in a Saturn-Pluto cycle which began with a Conjunction aspect in the early 1980’s. From the Conjunction, Saturn and Pluto have gone on to make every conceivable aspect together along the way. However, I will only look at the Conjunction, Squares and Oppositions of the cycle, firstly to keep things simple and secondly because these aspects mirror the lunar cycle, providing a useful reference point for interpretation.

Richard Tarnas, in Cosmos and Psyche, summ…

Saturn-Pluto Part 2: Resources

In Saturn-Pluto Part 1 I discuss some of the themes and processes that Saturn-Pluto alignments represent and in Part 3, I discuss Saturn-Pluto alignments from the wider world view, in particular how the current cycle has been reflected in politics, economics and conflict.
Here in Part 2, I present some ideas for further reading and other resources that I hope will be informative and useful.

Firstly, here’s the link to Saturn-Pluto Part 1 and Part 3 if you haven’t read them already.

I have also written other recent blogs which touch on Saturn-Pluto themes and related planetary alignments:

November 09: Saturn-Uranus-Pluto Quote of the Week. A short piece on a couple of things I picked up from current media which reflect Saturn-Uranus-Pluto themes.

November 09: Taurus Full Moon. A brief overview of the current planetary alignments, as seen under the light of the last Full Moon.

October 09: Saturn in Libra. A look at Saturn’s move into the sign of Libra in the run-up to its first exact square w…

Saturn-Pluto Part 1: Themes & Processes

On 15th November, Saturn meets Pluto in an exact Square, the first of three, taking us right through to summer next year...

...Here, in Part 1 of my Saturn-Pluto blogs, which are designed to inform, educate and help, I discuss some of the themes and processes of Saturn-Pluto. Part 2 will recommend further reading and offer some useful resources and Part 3 will discuss the wider cycles of Saturn-Pluto in terms of world events.

Of course, as the Square has been coming up to its exact point we, as individuals and in the world at large, have already been seeing and feeling Saturn-Pluto type themes for some months now and we are certainly seeing evidence everywhere of fear, which is a number one key word for Saturn-Pluto alignments. Fear is a small word, but one that describes a very big and potentially very destructive emotion.

If we are feeling fear, we have to question it and work out where it’s coming from before we can decide what to do next.

Are we afraid of what ‘might’ happen, a fear o…

Saturn-Uranus-Pluto Quote of the Week

"The way I see it is this, you have to destroy the old to let the new grow again. It's like a forest burns everything in its path, but they were just blocking the sunlight and then when everything grows back again it is bigger and stronger." Archie Mitchell, a villainous character from the UK's soap opera, Eastenders, plotting to burn down the Queen Vic pub to get his revenge on estranged wife Peggie and the rest of the Mitchell clan.
This little quote sums up so many of the themes of the current Saturn, Uranus and Pluto configurations...albeit the dark side of things!Here are another couple of examples for Saturn-Pluto in the run up to their impending exact square:The film 2012 is blanket released around the world on 13th November, just two days before the first exact hit of Saturn Square Pluto. The movie capitalises on the 2012, end of the Mayan calendar prophecies and embodies the Saturn-Pluto themes of fear and paranoia, in this case the fear of apocalypse, the e…

Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron, The Story So Far

As Neptune Stations Direct* this week (the last of the three planets in the Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron conjunction to emerge out of a Retrograde period and start moving forwards again) it’s a good opportunity to review some of the recent events that have fallen under the astrological symbolism of this rare celestial alignment.

To recap from one of my previous blogs, hope and idealism are fine keywords for both Jupiter and Neptune and healing is a reliable keyword for Chiron. But we must also remember that with Neptune we are also in the world of scandals and deception, a nebulous place where nothing is ever quite what it seems. At worst, Jupiter exaggerates and spreads the negative effects of Neptune and Chiron, but at best, Jupiter will also boost their most positive expressions. This is the space where Chiron brings healing, Neptune brings compassion, Jupiter brings faith and optimism and where great deeds are possible. As the conjunction is in Aquarius, we must also bring in the themes …

Taurus Full Moon: Resistance is Futile

Full Moons are times when the Moon is fully visible. Full Moons shed light, expose and uncover important issues. Under the Full Moon we can’t hide from these issues, they come to a head.

Today’s Full Moon chart contains a configuration involving all the fixed signs. The Sun in Scorpio opposing the Moon in Taurus, squares Mars in Leo and widely squares Jupiter in Aquarius, putting the issues of fixity firmly in the spotlight.

The fixed signs uphold and maintain, organise and keep things on track. The problem with the fixed signs is a problem of attachment, manifesting as stubborn resistance to change. Ultimately, the fixed signs teach us how to release our attachments, a hard lesson taught through the painful experience of resisting the letting go process.

Facing and dealing with our resistance to change, on the individual and the collective level, is therefore the message of this powerful Full Moon. To expand the message, to find context and to feel our way forward, we must look to the l…

November's Moons

Happy November everyone & I hope you all enjoyed Samhain / All Saint's Day / Halloween.

Here's a link to: November’s Moon sign changes and Moon of Void of Course times

October was marked, astrologically speaking, by the ingress of Mars into a long transit of Leo. Jupiter went Direct mid-month after travelling backwards through Aquarius since June and Chiron has just gone Direct. Neptune, who has been Jupiter and Chiron's travelling partner these last few months, also goes Direct on 5th November, in time for Guy Fawke's. A review of the Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron conjunction coming soon.

The big news though was Saturn's ingress into Libra on 29th October and the hot topic for November will be Saturn's square with Pluto in Capricorn mid month, the first of three exact squares over the next ten months. Moving Saturn-Pluto contacts tend to signify huge shifts in the infrastructure of the collective world and our experience of it. These squares also fall against the ba…