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Olympic Inspiration in the Stars

The 2012 Olympics are over and didn’t London put on a spectacular Games? With the Paralympics to come, the talk now is of legacy and of inspiring the next generation.

So, if you’re feeling motivated to take up a new sport, look to your Sun sign for inspiration. Just for fun, here are a few suggestions.
Aries It’s got to be the sprint. Fast off the mark and over in seconds, you’re bound to cross the finishing line in first place. Boxing is another good option for burning up all that Mars energy and aggression. Taurus Slow to start, but with enviable endurance, Taurus is best suited to the long races, like the Marathon or the 10,000 metres. If you can be bothered to get out of bed to train! Gemini Any racket sport that requires good hand-eye coordination is good for Gemini. Tennis, Badminton, Table Tennis. Because you’re the sign of the twins, the doubles matches might be your best bet. Then again, Handball might suit. How are you ever going to make a decision?
Cancer You like to ensure you’re …

A Big Announcement + London 2012

A Special Announcement

I’ve been dropping a few hints here and there, but I can now reveal (drum roll, please) that my first book will be published at the end of September.
It’s all about Saturn in Scorpio and will be your comprehensive guide to Saturn’s journey through the sign of the scorpion from early October 2012 through to late 2015.

Running to over 60 pages, it covers all the themes of this transit in great depth, both from your very personal perspective and from the point of view of the collective, including how Saturn in Scorpio fits in with the Uranus-Pluto squares and other key alignments. The themes, opportunities and challenges of Saturn in Scorpio’s transit through your birth chart are covered in much detail, with chapters on Saturn in Scorpio through the houses and on Saturn’s aspects to your natal planets. This is information you can’t get anywhere else. Yes, there’s plenty written about Saturn transits, but this material is very specific to Saturn in Scorpio.

The book w…