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Guest Post at Beyond The Stars Astrology

Fancy reading a excerpt of Saturn in Scorpio: Your Guide Through The Darkthat hasn't appeared online before?

Yes? Then hop on over to the Beyond the Stars Astrology Blog, to learn more about coping with rejection and the importance of forgiveness.

While you're there, you'll also find lots of informative and insightful articles by astrologer Alison Gunn.

I like The 12th House - Know Thyself or Else and there's a great article on that big question astrologers get asked so often: Synastry and the 7th House: Is This Person Marriageable?

You can read the Saturn in Scorpio Excerpt here

FYI, Alison Gunn is also a writing and creativity coach. You can find out more at The Collaborative Writer.

Image credit: Scorpio by Josephine Wall

Uranus in Aries Wakes Up Your Mars ~ Pt. 2

As Uranus moves through dynamic, restless Aries, it continues to wake up and shake up your natal Mars. It challenges you to act true to your Mars sign and aspects, to use your Mars energy, vitality and assertiveness in an authentic way. Here’s a look at how Mars in the signs of Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces will be stimulated by Uranus in Aries. Click here to read Part 1 ~ Mars in Aries through Virgo Mars in Libra
If you have Mars in Libra you put your energy into building relationships through being sociable, charming and cooperative. Before making a decision and acting on it, you consider the other side of things and/or the other people involved. Your reputation for indecisiveness is not deserved. If you hesitate before you act it’s only because you want to weigh up all the options and then act in an even-handed, fair way. However, once your mind is made up you have no problem acting on your decision quickly, forcefully and sometimes self-righteously. Whe…

Uranus in Aries wakes up your Mars!

As Uranus moves through dynamic, restless Aries, it continues to wake up and shake up your natal Mars. It challenges you to act true to your Mars sign and aspects, to use your Mars energy, vitality and assertiveness in an authentic way. The following I wrote and posted in 2010, but it's well worth a revisit now. How is your Mars doing?

Uranus in Aries is an exciting transit of fast forward movement, sudden change, spontaneous happenings and exciting breakthroughs. Because Mars rules Aries, your natal Mars will be stimulated by Uranus in Aries, so here’s a look at Mars through the signs and how Uranus in Aries might affect it.

Mars in Aries

If you have Mars in Aries you have a tendency to be competitive, direct and impatient. You like to take the initiative and lead from the front. Decisions are made impulsively and followed up on quickly, often without considering the consequences. You tend to act on hunches, on intuition and while your actions might seem risky and ill considered …

Planetary Retrogrades for 2013

Happy New Year and I hope 2013 is a healthy, peaceful, prosperous and happy year for you all.

Below are the planetary retrograde dates and positions for 2013, plus over at my website you can find Moon info for January - Void of Course and Moon Sign Changes and Moon Phases (with explanations).
Mercury turns retrograde on 24 February at 19 Pisces 47
Mercury turns direct on 18 March at 05 Pisces 41

Mercury turns retrograde on 27 June at 23 Cancer 04
Mercury turns direct on 21 July at 13 Cancer 24

Mercury turns retrograde on 22 October at 18 Scorpio 19
Mercury turns direct on 11 November at 02 Scorpio 34

Venus turns retrograde on 22 December at 28 Capricorn 57
Venus turns direct on 1 February 2014 at 13 Capricorn 34
No Mars retrograde in 2013

Jupiter turns retrograde on 4 October 2012 at 16 Gemini 22
Jupiter turns direct on 30 January at 06 Gemini 19

Jupiter turns retrograde on 7 November at 20 Cancer 30
Jupiter turns direct on 7 March 2014 at 10 Cancer

Saturn Saturn turns retro…