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Jupiter in Leo - The Iraq Connection

Jupiter in Leo is an important trigger, a crucial point in the Jupiter cycle for the modern history of Iraq and a transit to watch closely. 

Iraq is awash with Lion symbolism. The Desert Lion (Shakir Wahiyib, the public face of Islamic State); The Lion of Babylon (Iraqi tank used during the 1991 War); the other Lion of Babylon (representing the King of Babylon and depicted at the Ishtar Gate to the ancient city, now part of Iraq) and of course, the live lions Saddam Hussein kept at his palace.

Also, it seems that Jupiter's transit of Leo is incredibly relevant to modern day Iraq. This is an expansion of my post of early July written just as Jupiter was moving into Leo, with further insights to offer, more dots to connect.

When in Leo, once every 12 years, Jupiter transits through Iraq's first house (representing the country as a whole and its leaders, its identity, its ego and how it wants to be perceived by the world), making conjunctions to its Mercury and Uranus conjunction as…