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Astrology for November (Part 2)

Welcome to part 2 of Astroair’s preview of this month’s main celestial events. I hope November has been good to you so far.

Mercury and Venus have now settled into idealistic, philosophical Sag and are joined by the Sun on the 22nd, closely followed by a Sagittarius Solar Eclipse on the 25th. Action planet Mars, however, is bucking the Sagittarian trend, by entering analytic Virgo for a long stay. For more click here.
November 20: Sun Squares Neptune
The Sun’s final cosmic gift before it moves from Scorpio to Sagittarius is a tense square to mystical Neptune.

Whenever Neptune touches the Sun by square, we are invited to question our goals. Is what we are trying to achieve worthy of us, or are we merely trying to feed our ego?Perhaps you experience an ego disappointment now, but remember that sometimes we need to let our ego dissolve so we can get back to the root of what we really need and who we really are.
If you have been doing too much, this is a time (including a day either side of…

Uranus-Pluto and Our Changing World

Change is a fact of life, both on the personal and the collective level. This is an undeniable truth. Yet all too often when change comes, instead of accepting it, we resist, dig in our heels and work our asses off to restore the status quo and get back to business as usual, even if the status quo clearly isn’t working for us anymore.To date, this has been the response to the global economic crisis, but the more the force of inevitable change is resisted, the deeper we’ll fall into the abyss.

Those who follow the motions and patterns of the planets have a reliable and useful perspective from which to observe the world and the changes that occur within it. This is because, through history, astrologers have observed that certain planetary patterns and alignments coincide with certain themes and events playing out in history*. From this knowledge comes a useful tool for predicting when and where change is coming and what form that change might take. If we look at the alignments that are c…

Astrology for November ~ Part 1

Welcome to November, that time of the year when (in the Northern hemisphere), the nights are long and the days are short.The Sun is in the deep, probing, mysterious sign of Scorpio, making it easy to believe that the veil between the worlds is thin at this time of year... ...However, from early November, Mercury and Venus move into idealistic, philosophical Sagittarius, that more open sign. These pave the way for the Sun’s move into Sag on the 22nd and a Sagittarius Solar Eclipse on the 25th. November 2: Venus and Mercury enter Sagittarius Venus in Sagittarius promotes generosity, enthusiasm and free-spiritedness in all our relationships. After the seductive, mysteriousness of Venus in Scorpio, Venus is now demanding openness and a full on expression of your affection for that special someone. Mercury in Sagittarius is the truth-saying placement. Sometimes you can be too honest and direct under this transit, so don’t forget to consider the other person’s feelings before opening your mouth…