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After Your Transit (& Some Good News)

So, you survived your big transit. Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and/or Pluto has finished its conjunction, square or opposition to your natal planet.

A big sigh of relief all round. If you follow your transits, you were probably anticipating it long before it came and as it inched ever closer to its target, you watched carefully for signs of its influence. Perhaps your transit reflected major life changes, challenges, losses or new opportunities? Maybe years of hard work started to pay off or conversely, you had to face the consequences of unwise decisions made in the past? Possibly, the shift was more internal as you chose to (or were forced to) confront deep-rooted psychological baggage, heal old wounds, grieve, move on, let go.

Now what? If your transit brought any kind of loss, shock, major change or disruption, chances are, now it’s over, you’re seeking to replace those losses and reverse the changes, to try to return things to how they were. It’s human nature.

Here are a couple of scenar…