Friday, 11 June 2010

Gemini New Moon - Let There Be Words!

New Moons are times of new hope and fresh ideas, the kind of newness that begins in the dark, but finds its way, gradually towards the light. This month’s New Moon, on the 12th June, is in Gemini, the sign of language, communication, ideas, connections, learning.

Gemini is ruled by Mercury and since the 9th June, Mercury has been in Gemini, firing us up with lively conversations and filling our mind with bright ideas. Now, under the Gemini New Moon, it’s time to analyse all those conversations (and emails) and sift through all those ideas, to see which ones look like they’re worth following through with. Be discriminating as you do this, so you only plant the seeds of the ideas that are most likely to blossom into something interesting, lively and healthy.

The seed is the idea. When expressed, ideas becomes words/communication, then words become deeds and before we know it we have created something. It’s up to you whether you create something new and good and special or if you just plant the same old ideas that aren’t really working for you anymore.

Remember, the past created the present but it doesn’t have to create the future.

A Book Recommendation for the Gemini New Moon:

To help us remember the versatility and variety of our beautiful language and to also remind us not to take ourselves too seriously, how about checking out this long-winded titled tome:

Watch Your F*cking Language: How to swear effectively, explained in explicit detail and enhanced by numerous examples taken from everyday life

Happy Gemini New Moon!

With love,


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