Monday, 19 July 2010

Saturn in Libra Through the Houses ~ Part 1

We’ve already had a taste of Saturn in Libra…it was in the sign of the scales from October 2009, before turning backwards and re-entering Virgo in April. Saturn moved back into Libra on July 21 2010, where it will stay in Libra until October 2012, so what will this mean for us?

Saturn in Libra Themes

Saturn in Libra brings lessons and tests around diplomacy, compromise and fairness.

It’s a time to set healthy boundaries in relationships and to get the give-take balance right. Relationships generally need to be taken more seriously. Any kind of relationship could feel like a heavy responsibility under this transit. Solid relationships can become more committed and grounded and real during this transit, or they can suffer the harsh light of reality and die away.

How we communicate and relate to others comes under scrutiny. It’s time to play by the rules, stop competing and learn to cooperate and negotiate. It’s a good time to settle disputes, arguments and claims, or to start them, but don’t expect things to get resolved too quickly! Peace and harmony is more than possible, but we may have to work hard to achieve it.

Saturn in Libra Through the Houses

For Houses 1 - 6 see below
For Houses 7 - 12 click here

The house in your chart that Saturn in Libra is moving through will reflect the area of your life where you are likely to meet Saturn’s tests, delays, obstacles and challenges. Saturn will ask you to take responsibility, meet obligations and learn lessons, according to the house it’s transiting. Being prepared, taking responsibility and actively taking on the challenges represented by the house in question is a great way to tackle Saturn’s transit through a house.  Because Saturn is a practical planet, here are some tips to help you navigate your Saturn transit.....

(If you don’t know which house Saturn will be transiting, please scroll down to the end ~ also includes a tip for finding out which house to look at if you don’t know your birth time or rising sign).

The First House

The 1st house is about personal identity, self image, body image, our approach to life and how we project ourselves out into the world. When Saturn transits this house, these concepts could be challenged and tested

Tips for Saturn in Libra in the 1st House – Look in the Mirror!

It’s time to make peace with your body image, so take a long look in the mirror. Congratulations! If you look with a realistic eye, chances are you’ll realize you’re probably looking pretty good for your age!

This is a great transit if you’re overdue for a wardrobe makeover. Is your style age appropriate? If you’re over 40, chuck out the crop tops and minis and go for a fabulously classy new style. If you’re 23, why are you hiding yourself under saggy, baggy sports wear? Have some fashion fun while you can!

Self discipline is a big theme for Saturn in the 1st, so this is a great transit for starting a new healthy diet and exercise routine and for making it stick! Doing it with a partner or friend could double the benefits, because you can help keep each other motivated.

When Saturn is transiting the first house, there can be a tendency to see yourself in a negative light and ‘beat yourself up’. Instead, try to form a realistic self image. Take responsibility for your faults, but remember that nobody is perfect and it’s our charming flaws that make us unique and likeable.

Saturn in the 1st could test your self confidence. The lesson is that you need to develop a deeper sense of self confidence in yourself that’s not based solely on feedback from others. Read some books or take some courses or therapy to help develop self-belief.

The Second House

The 2nd house is about how we earn our money, how we handle it and what we spend it on. It’s about what we value and how we value ourselves. Saturn transiting the second house is often feared as a time of financial loss. While this is a possible manifestation it’s not necessarily going to be the case. In fact, steady financial growth may be possible if you’ve handled your finances well to date.

Tips for Saturn in Libra in the 2nd House – Do Your Sums!

Take a realistic look at how you spend your money – are you trying to have a designer lifestyle on a discount store income? Weigh everything up, Saturn in Libra style. Do your outgoings match your incomings? How can you cut back? How much do you spend each month on little daily indulgences, like fancy coffees? Cut back on these and watch the savings add up.

If you need to make a big purchase, shop around, negotiate a discount. You’d be surprised how often you can make big savings this way, especially in this current climate with companies competing for your business.

Need to raise some cash? Have a house full of junk? Your junk might be someone else’s treasure and with sites like Ebay and Amazon, it’s never been easier to pass things on. It’s probably only the fact of getting around to doing it that’s stopped you before. The side benefit is a bit of healthy space clearing, making room in your life for fresh new energies.

The 2nd house is not just about cash, it’s about valuing yourself. Without going crazy and while staying within your means, realise that sometimes it’s OK to indulge yourself every once in a while – you’re worth it! Stepping out with a snazzy new haircut or a new set of clothes can raise your self esteem and in the right context can even boost your earning power.

Are self esteem issues holding you back from earning what you (realistically) deserve? Yes, it’s difficult in this economic climate to ask for a raise, but you can still use this transit to plan for a future raise by learning new skills to add to your resume, getting involved with new projects, learning how to network, building your confidence and learning how to assert yourself.

Are you spending to compensate for low self esteem? Is this causing you financial difficulties? Difficult questions, but under Saturn’s transit of the 2nd (or the 8th) this is a good time to admit to yourself that you have a problem and seek some practical and therapeutic help.

The Third House

The 3rd house is about how we communicate, think and learn. It’s also about our neighbours, our siblings, our immediate environment and the day to day journeys we make. Saturn in the third is a transit for serious thinking, patient communication and disciplined learning.

Tips for Saturn in Libra in the 3rd House – Think Again!

Learn to negotiate. This key communication skill always comes in handy.

Take some exams! Many of us fear exams, but love them or loathe them they are still essential for proving our qualifications. Use this transit to update your skills and get a certificate to prove it – Saturn will love you for it!

At the same time, wise up! Saturn is the planet of wisdom through experience. Recognise that there is a difference between knowing lots of stuff and true wisdom and that wisdom is earned, it doesn’t come out of a book.

Saturn in Libra in this house suggests that your ideas, opinions and point of view will be tested and challenged. Learn to look at the other side of things and accept that compromise is sometimes the best solution.

Set clear and healthy boundaries in relationships with your siblings, your neighbours and other folk you come into day to day contact with.

Organise your neighbours. Join or form a neighbourhood group and encourage everybody to take pride in and responsibility for your local environment. It’s also a great way to make a few new friends.

The Fourth House

The 4th house is about our roots, our early home life and upbringing, our physical home and about how we feel safe, secure and nurtured. When Saturn transits the fourth, we can often feel fearful about our security

Tips for Saturn in Libra in the 4th House – Back to Your Roots!

Reorganize family life. Is everyone pulling their weight at home? If not, reallocate chores and responsibilities, so that things are fairer for everyone.

How much time are you spending at home vs. time at work and time out socializing? Too much? Not enough? Are you neglecting your responsibilities at home due to commitments outside the home? Now’s the time to get the balance right.

Consider how much responsibility you have towards your parents. Perhaps you don’t do enough for them, or perhaps you are so busy running around after them that you don’t have time for yourself? Weigh up their needs against your own, adjust the balance if necessary.

Saturn transiting the fourth is not generally accepted as a good transit for moving house, because it’s associated with delays and frustrations. So, if you are thinking of moving under this transit you could find yourself learning a lesson about patience and compromise.

Update your home security. Not to say anything bad’s going to happen, but it could be wise to fit new window locks or change the batteries in the smoke alarm etc.

Find our where you come from! Researching your ancestry can be emotional, exciting and surprising. Now easier than ever thanks to online resources.

The Fifth House

The 5th house is about creativity and self expression, pleasure, fun and the love we share with others. It’s also about our children specifically and everything we ‘birth’ in general. The 5th is also about gambling and risk taking.

Tips for Saturn in Libra in the 5th House – Serious Fun!

Any creative endeavors will be hard work under this transit. It's the lesson of the cliche ~ 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration! Anything you do create could be long lasting and attractive to others if you put enough effort and discipline into it.

Risk taking and gambling is not well starred during this transit. This is a time to be sensible, practical and realistic.

Intimate relationships could be slow to develop or get off the ground during this transit. Don't be disheartened, there are valuable lessons to be learned about what you want from others and how you give your love in return.

Use this transit to learn more about yourself and what you want out of your leisure time. Where do you find pleasure, what makes you relax? Go to classes or join a group who share a common interest, you could meet some like-minded new friends and learn something new.

Work on being a good example for your children. Teaching them loving lessons in discipline is a good use of this transit.

The Sixth House

The 6th house is about work and chores and day-to-day routines. It’s also about cleanliness and health and our pets. It’s the house that represents employees and coworkers and those people we serve through our work.

Tips for Saturn in Libra in the 6th House – Clean Up Your Act!

Take yourself for a health check up. Saturn transiting the 6th doesn’t necessarily mean ill health, it’s more of a wake up call to change unhealthy habits. Pay particular attention to skin, hair, teeth, bones, joints, kidneys, lower back and bladder.

Pay attention to the delicate mind-body balance. Good mental health boosts the body’s natural immune system, but mental health issues can weaken the immune system. Look for ways to reduce stress and negativity. Contact your doctor or alternative health practitioner if you think you need help in this area.

Get organized at work! Think of some time saving ideas and share them with your colleagues.

Bring everyone together at work. Arrange a team building exercise or a social event.

Get everyone, at home and at work, to take fair and equal responsibility for the mundane chores. It’s not fair if that stuff gets dumped on one person all the time!

A dog is man’s best friend! Take your dog for a walk more often, or offer to walk a friend’s dog. The dog will benefit and so will your fitness!

For Houses 1 - 6 see above

For Houses 7 - 12 click here

Which House is Saturn Transiting?

You will need to get your birth chart done. You can do this for free at The chart that comes up will be divided into 12 segments. Find the segment/s that have the Libra symbol (shown right) and that’s the house you will need to look at. The first house starts at the horizontal line on the left. Count that as 1 and then count anti-clockwise from there. For example, in the chart below, Libra is on the cusp of the 7th house. You can see Saturn in that house too – it’s the one that looks a bit like a h.

What if You Don’t Know Your Birth Time?

No worries. In fact this is even easier, because all you need to know is your Sun sign to work out which solar house Saturn in Libra will be transiting. Even if you know your time, it’s work looking at this house as well:

Aries Sun - Saturn in Libra will transit your 7th solar house
Taurus Sun - Saturn in Libra will transit your 6th solar house
Gemini Sun - Saturn in Libra will transit your 5th solar house
Cancer Sun - Saturn in Libra will transit your 4th solar house
Leo Sun - Saturn in Libra will transit your 3rd solar house
Virgo Sun - Saturn in Libra will transit your 2nd solar house
Libra Sun - Saturn in Libra will transit your 1st solar house
Scorpio Sun - Saturn in Libra will transit your 12th solar house
Sagittarius Sun - Saturn in Libra will transit your 11th solar house
Capricorn Sun - Saturn in Libra will transit your 10th solar house
Aquarius Sun - Saturn in Libra will transit your 9th solar house
Pisces Sun - Saturn in Libra will transit your 8th solar house

Saturn in Libra image from

[Please note, these tips are offered as suggestions to help you understand your Saturn transit. The astrologer is not a trained therapist or financial advisor and accepts no responsibility for the results of following these tips. Please consult a relevant qualified professional if required.]


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  2. 這不過是滑一跤,並不是死掉而爬不起來了。..................................................

  3. if my venus is in libra at the end of the 6th is the 6th house what saturn is transiting?

  4. Hi slh2346,

    It does sounds like Saturn will transit your 6th. Look to see what sign and degree is on the cusp of the sixth house. For example, if it's a late degree of Libra on the 6th cusp Saturn will be transiting your fifth house first and then will move into your 6th at a later date. For example, my 6th house cusp it 5 degrees Libra, so Saturn is currently in my 5th house, but will move into my 6th in September.

    Or it could be that Libra spans your 6th and 7th houses, in which case Saturn in Libra will start off in your 6th and then move into your 7th.

    Hope that helps,

  5. These are such great tips, Mandi. You've done a super job outlining all the issues that come up with a Saturn transit and offering ways to alleviate some of the difficulties. Saturn has recently moved through my 6th and 7th and is now happily throwing curves in my 8th. What's interesting is that the house opposite Saturn's transit is usually affected, as well ~ at least it works that way for me. For example, if Saturn is transiting the 7th, it's opposing the 1st (appearance), and I go through a period of being skinny. In the 8th and opposing the 2nd, I work to boost my income to help pay off debts. It always seems to be a balancing act with Saturn through the houses.

    This is just a long way of saying to take a look at the house opposing the one Saturn is transiting (and the squares, too) for insights on what's happening.

    Your comments about developing self-confidence that isn't based on feedback from others (1st house) is superb. It might be a motivator, but it won't get you through the long nights.

    I'm anxiously awaiting Part 2.

  6. Hi CJ, thanks for your comment and for the brilliant insight about the transit affecting the opposite house. Absolutely! It's all about balance, inner and outer experience etc. Pluto in my 8th is definitely affecting my 2nd.
    Part 2 should be up tomorrow.
    Mandi x

  7. My sun is in Cancer. In my natal chart, Saturn is in Cancer. In my 2012-2013 solar return, Saturn is in Libra in my 6 th house. Does this mean Saturn is transiting my 6th house?


  8. My sun is in Taurus, moon in Leo, Ascendent in Cancer. I've had natal charts done by a few sources and noted that the fact I have Saturn in Libra in my 4th house was the one placement the readers were at odds about. Some said ok placement, even good and one said NOT GOOD without equivocation. I think I sense what is not good, but would like your opinion. You can always see both sides to things, but this aspect bothers me. Also, I have 11 squares in my chart!! Tell me about these things


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