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Astrology for July ~ Pt. 3 The Lion and the Maiden

My astro-preview this month is split into three parts, published a few days apart. A summary list of all July’s events and links is included at the end of each post. Click for Part 1 and Part 2 

July 22/23*: Sun enters Leo

The Sun is out and proud! In loyal Leo, the Sun leads by the heart and it’s time to express yourself with pride, vitality and warmth. This is a great Sun placement for anyone who wants to be noticed and enjoys a sense of drama. If you’re going to do it, do it large while the Sun is in Leo! The Sun in Leo also stimulates our creative energy, along with our innate magnanimity. What could possibly go wrong with the Sun in this lovely sign? Well, watch out for childish behaviour, stubbornness and excessive ego/arrogance when the Sun is in Leo. Instead, remind yourself of the lessons of Leo - to lead honourably, to behave generously, to live life creatively and dramatically and to shine without leaving others in the shade.

Enjoy the Sun in Leo and a happy birthday to all you Lions out there! Here are some quotes from some very well known Leos.

The Sun will be in Leo until August 23.

July 28: Venus enters Leo

Venus the planet of love and affection joins the Sun in Leo. This placement urges us to express our affections with warmth and enthusiasm. Venus in Leo needs to remember though that there are two people in every relationship and it’s not appropriate for one partner to take up all the emotional space, there needs to be space for both partners to feel and express themselves. On the upside, Venus in Leo gives affection generously and enthusiastically and receives affection with good grace and an open heart. Most of all, Venus in Leo is a highly creative and sociable placement which urges us, through our relationships, to bring our inner child out to play. Enjoy!

Venus will be in Leo until August 21

July 28: Mercury enters Virgo

Mercury feels right at home in the exacting sign of Virgo. This is a time to think logically, critically, analytically and to use our words, minds and hands to be helpful and provide service to others. The energies for this Virgo placement are great for paying attention to detail, thinking things through with a healthy does of scepticism and communicating in a matter of fact, down to earth way. This can also be a humbling placement for Mercury, but perhaps that’s a good thing to counteract the ego centric energies of Sun and Venus in Leo. Just be careful of not being overly negative, taking on too much or losing sight of the bigger picture.

It would be wise to tackle anything complex or detailed and to have any difficult conversations before Mercury in Virgo turns retrograde in early August.

Mercury will turn Retrograde in Virgo on August 2/3. It re-enters Leo on August 7/8. It turns direct on August 26 and re-enters Virgo on September 8/9 where it stays until September 25.

July 30: New Moon in Leo ~ Lions in the Shade

The New Moon is the dark time of the month. This New Moon is in Leo, the sign that loves the brightness of the Sun, so what happens when you put Leo in the shadows? Well, simply put, the Lion takes a nap. He might be the king of the jungle, but he’s lazy at heart and can’t be in the spotlight all of the time!

For all of us - but particularly those with the Sun or Moon (or to a lesser extent other planets and angles) at 6-8 degrees of Leo or Aquarius - this New Moon is a time to recharge our batteries. Enough of work already, it’s time to rest and it’s time to play. Indulging in any kind of play now, in the widest sense of the word, is a great way to stimulate your inner child and get those creative juices running for the month ahead.

If you do anything this New Moon, make sure you do it with pride, warmth, confidence and generosity. Make those lions proud.

Summary of July’s Main Events

July 1: Eclipsed New Moon at 9 degrees Cancer 
July 1/2*: Mercury enters Leo 
July 3/4*: Venus enters Cancer
July 9/10*: Uranus turns retrograde at 5 degrees Aries 
July 13: Venus in Cancer square Saturn in Libra (11 degrees) 
July 14/15*: Full Moon at 22 degrees Capricorn
July 22/23*: Sun enters Leo
July 28: Venus enters Leo
July 28: Mercury enters Virgo
July 30: New Moon at 7 degrees Leo

Click for Void of Course Moon times for July

Click for Astroair’s three month Solstice Forecast

NOTE: *Where two dates are given, the event occurs on the earlier date in American time zones and on the later date in European time zones. This is due only to time differences on the clock, in reality the event occurs simultaneously everywhere. In the summary of July’s events the degrees have been rounded up or down to the nearest degree.

With love, Mandi

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