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Astrology for October ~ Golden Opportunities

Welcome to October, that wonderful month which for me is always about endings and fresh starts. Especially so this year, as I finished my 'day job' yesterday. The future is uncertain, but very exciting. October is also one of the most beautiful months as here in the northern hemisphere, the leaves turn every imaginable shade of gold and red, giving us a magnificent display before they fall. This year, the start of October brings unseasonable hot weather, with the mercury set to hit 30 degrees here in London today! A perfect day to go to a wedding, although I'm having to rethink my outfit, which involves knitwear!!! I hope you enjoy October folks.

October 2: Mars in Leo squares Jupiter in Taurus

October kicks off in dynamic fashion with passionate Mars squaring up to expansive Jupiter. This is a good time for following your heart and embarking on an exciting adventure. One note of caution… Try not to overstretch yourself by taking on too much and watch you don’t overindulge or overspend on luxuries! Use the energies of this alignment in a more positive way by setting goals for self improvement or embarking on initiatives to improve the lot of others.

October 6: Mercury in Libra conjuncts Saturn in Libra

When Mercury lines up with Saturn it signals a time to pay attention to how you communicate. Be as clear as you can with others if you don’t want to be misunderstood and be honest in your dealings. If you don’t play fair now, you could well be found out…you’ve been warned! The key to working this energy is to slow down, discipline your mind and approach tasks systematically. Give your brain a workout by playing word games, memory games or quizzes.

October 7: Venus in Libra trines Neptune in Aquarius

Love is in the air when romantic Venus makes this easy trine alignment with dreamy, ethereal Neptune. Call me a mood killer, but it’s probably more about the yearning for romance than actual romance, so don’t be disappointed if that knight in shining armor turns out to be a bit tardy! Still, if you’re lucky enough to know your soul mate then hook up with them now! If not, then sweet times can still be had, so long as you realize that eventually you’ll have to wake up from the dream.

October 8: Venus enters Scorpio

Things can get heavy when love planet Venus moves into intense Scorpio. Obsession, compulsion, passion and extreme emotions are the realms of this placement. The urge is to connect deeply with others, but trust issues could get in the way. Perhaps you feel that others are keeping secrets from you or maybe you’re keeping secrets from them. At its most positive, Venus in Scorpio is about the power of love to transform and heal, at a deep and long lasting level.

Venus is in Scorpio until November 2nd.

October 11/12 (depending on your time zone): Full Moon in Aries

The Sun in relationship-oriented Libra faces off against the Moon in self focused Aries today. It’s a good time to think about how you balance what you want out of your relationships with what you need for yourself. Feelings tend to run high at the Full Moon, so rows and conflicts are a possibility, but really, all everyone is looking for is a way to connect and get along. Remembering this can help prevent bad feelings escalating. On the plus side, it’s a pretty good Full Moon for partying thanks to a nice aspect between Venus and Jupiter. Another good reason not to fall out with your loved ones!

The bigger picture of this Full Moon is the conjunction of the Sun and Saturn in Libra. When these two planets join up in the same part of the sky (which occurs approximately once a year), it’s the start of a new cycle, so this Full Moon is a great time for setting realistic goals for the year ahead. For more insight see below….

October 13: Sun in Libra conjuncts Saturn in Libra

This alignment doesn’t sound like much fun. The image it evokes is a shadow falling across
the brightness of the Sun. But, with the glare toned down, can’t we better see things are they really are? This is the gift of this alignment if you are ready to accept it. You can really get a good understanding of what you are truly capable of under this aspect. This will help you set clear goals for the coming twelve months. This line up could also make you aware of your limitations. Using this realization wisely, without falling into self doubt is the key. This is Saturn so remember that hard work and self discipline is how you’ll succeed. This isn’t a time for risk taking and cutting corners.

October 13: Mercury enters Scorpio

There’ll be no tolerance for title tattle and small talk when Mercury moves into Scorpio. The
planet of communication in this sign demands that we ponder deep and meaningful matters. Probing deeply into any subject that you’re passionate about is a great way to work with Mercury in Scorpio, as it’s the perfect energy for research and even for a bit of crafty detective work! The downside is that we can get stubbornly stuck in our own mindset. Try to remember that there are other points of view and that these are valid too!

Mercury is in Scorpio until November 2nd.

October 14 to 17: Venus and Mercury in Scorpio oppose Jupiter in Taurus

This planetary pattern (Venus with Jupiter on the 14th and Mercury with Jupiter on the 17th) invites us to be expansive, extravagant, adventurous and broadminded. This could be tempting, but rather than overindulging and overspending, your time would be better spent thinking about your spending. Are you spending within your means? Are you spending too much to please others and is it worth it? Of course, it’s not all about the money… This alignment can also bring a generous dose of passion into your life. Are you ready? As if that’s not enough, secrets could be revealed on or around the 17th. Intriguing! 
Summary of October's Astrology:
October 2: Mars square Jupiter
October 6: Mercury conjunct Saturn
October 7: Venus trine Neptune
October 8: Venus into Scorpio
October 11/12: Full Moon in Aries
October 13: Sun conjunct Saturn
October 13: Mercury into Scorpio
October 14: Venus opposes Jupiter
October 17: Venus opposes Mercury
October 21: Sun trines Neptune details in part two
October 23: Sun into Scorpio details in part two
October 26: New Moon in Scorpio details in part two
October 28: Jupiter trine Pluto details in part two
October 29: Sun opposite Jupiter and sextile Pluto details in part two
October 31: Venus square Neptune details in part two

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