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Those Lazy Hazy Crazy Days of Summer

An old classic from Nat King Cole.

A perfect accompaniment to the Leo New Moon on July 30.

"Roll out those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer
Those days of soda and pretzels and beer
Roll out those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer
Dust off the sun and moon and sing a song of cheer"


You'll wish that summer could always be here....

With love,

Amy Winehouse, the 27 Club & the Secondary Progressed Moon Cycle

The astrological blog-o-sphere is awash with opinion about the astrological measurements that symbolise the tragic early death of singer Amy Winehouse.  Her death at 27 puts her in the infamous ‘27 Club’ a well documented group of wild creative geniuses who left this planet at the same age. The group includes Jim Morrison, Brian Jones, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix and Kurt Cobain.

Astrologically, age 27 is associated with the first progressed lunar return – the time when the secondary progressed Moon returns to its natal position. Amy had a progressed lunar return just six months ago.

Earlier this year I wrote a detailed article about the progressed lunar cycle - a cycle of emotional maturity. The article also explores the relationship between the progressed lunar return and the Saturn return which closely follows it:

“The transition from the Child phase to the Adult phase occurs around the age of 27-28, when the secondary progress (SP) Moon returns to its natal position and conjuncts t…

Astrology for July ~ Pt. 3 The Lion and the Maiden

My astro-preview this month is split into three parts, published a few days apart. A summary list of all July’s events and links is included at the end of each post. Click for Part 1 and Part 2

July 22/23*: Sun enters Leo

The Sun is out and proud! In loyal Leo, the Sun leads by the heart and it’s time to express yourself with pride, vitality and warmth. This is a great Sun placement for anyone who wants to be noticed and enjoys a sense of drama. If you’re going to do it, do it large while the Sun is in Leo! The Sun in Leo also stimulates our creative energy, along with our innate magnanimity. What could possibly go wrong with the Sun in this lovely sign? Well, watch out for childish behaviour, stubbornness and excessive ego/arrogance when the Sun is in Leo. Instead, remind yourself of the lessons of Leo - to lead honourably, to behave generously, to live life creatively and dramatically and to shine without leaving others in the shade.

Enjoy the Sun in Leo and a happy birthday to all …

Will David Cameron Survive the News of the World Scandal?

As I write, calls for British Prime Minister David Cameron to quit or at the very least apologise over his part in the News International crisis are growing. The criticism is centred around Cameron’s appointment of disgraced former News of the World editor Andy Coulson to a government advisory position. Coulson resigned this post earlier this year and has since been arrested over the phone hacking scandal. Betting odds on Cameron resigning were yesterday slashed from 100/1 to 8/1.

Why is Cameron in such a dangerous position now? Well, the two most senior officers in the Metropolitan police resigned yesterday over the scandal, specifically over the Met’s appointment of former News of the World journo Neil Wallis. Wallis has also since been arrested over the hacking scandal. So the question is, if that is enough to bring down two Met chiefs, why not Cameron, whose appointment of Coulson seems just as dodgy as the Met’s hiring of Wallis?

Let’s take a look at the charts. Below is a tri-wh…

The Lid Comes off the Jar ~ Pholus, the Murdochs and the NoW Scandal

Watching newscoverage of Rupert Murdoch’s personal apology to the Dowler family this evening, the reporter likened the whole News of the World scandal to the lid coming off the jar as the revelations continue to unfold in the phone hacking scandal.
The lid coming off the jar reminded me of Melanie Reinhart’s description of the centaur Pholus. It was no surprise then to discover that Murdoch is having a Pholus transit. Pholus is currently positioned at 14 Sagittarius 38 retrograde. Sagittarius of course is the sign of internationalism and publishing. Transiting Pholus is squaring Murdoch’s natal Mercury (news, communication, information) at 15 Pisces 56.  Yes indeed, the lid has come off the jar, as the world finally understands exactly what went on at his News International business and possibly beyond.  
Zane B Stein describes Pholus as “like a pressure release, akin to shaking up a bottle of Pepsi on a hot day, and promptly opening it. It's just that the stuff keeps coming out. A …

No More Secrets ~ Pluto in Capricorn

It seems there can no longer be any secrets.

Yesterday’s Evening Standard opinion piece began, “This is an age of institutional and professional crisis”. As an astrologer I would add, “This is the age of Pluto in Capricorn”.

Since the God of the Underworld moved into the sign of corporate business, authority figures, politics, and working practices, revelation after revelation has been dug up and exposed to the light. It’s been hard even to keep up with developments, but here are a few notable examples.

In 2008, just as Pluto was dipping its toe in Capricorn and the expansive, bloated, globalising Pluto in Sagittarius era was concluding, "the financial sector was rocked to its foundations by global nemesis". That’s another quote from The Evening Standard. I couldn’t phrase it myself with more Pluto in Capricorn gusto! The upshot was that the financial world got so high on profiting from reckless lending that they forgot to notice when there was nothing left to lend. I don’t…

Astrology for July ~ Pt. 2 Backwards and Full

My astro-preview this month is split into three parts, published a few days apart. A summary list of all July’s events and links is included at the end of each post. Click for Pt. 1

July 9/10*: Uranus turns retrograde ~ The Storm Breaks

The Retrograde period for any planet symbolises a time when the energies and urges the planet represents go inwards, slow down and come up for review.

What does this mean for intense, rebellious, freedom loving Uranus?

A burst of exciting, electrifying energy is likely when Uranus goes retrograde, preceded by a sense of frustration as it slows down before turning. It’s a bit like the feeling when the sky feels dark and heavy and you know a storm is coming. Dramatic change is in the air. When the storm breaks there’s a big sense of relief and awe as the heavens open up and crack with lightning.

Uranus turns retrograde at 04Ari34 and turns direct on 10 Dec 2011 at 00Ari39. If you have planet or angles between zero and four degrees of the cardinal signs (…

Astrology for July (Update 1 - Eclipse)

As an experiment (well, I am having a Uranus transit) my astro-preview this month will be split into three parts, published a few days apart. This is because I’ve decided it’s best to publish a few bite size chunks rather than one long post. Let me know if you disagree. A summary list of all July’s events will be included at the end of each post.

July 1: Cancer New Moon ~ An Eclipse in a Shell

July kicks off with the Sun in sensitive, nurturing Cancer conjunct Moon in Cancer, for an Eclipsed New Moon on the first of the month. Solar Eclipses are times of endings, when something is literally eclipsed. Inherent in endings though are fresh starts and new beginnings, so when something ends it can often be a very positive thing. For example, a marriage marks the end of single life and a long awaited retirement means the end of working life and a new taste of freedom.

Because Solar Eclipses are basically New Moons with a bit of extra pizzazz, similar themes apply. Use this Eclipse time to r…