Saturday, 19 May 2012

What's the World Coming To?

While Astroair has been ‘resting’  her colleagues have been busy analysing the current world trends, as we steer our way through these critical times. Here’s my pick:

From Jude Cowell’s political astrology blog, Stars Over Washington:

“This reluctant astrologer is keeping a close watch on the June 5/6, 2012 Venus Transit as a timing mechanism relating to an unusual forming or break-up of association....” Read More...


ASTROTABLETALK posted a piece asking how the current astro-political climate is reflected in our subconscious:

“That, apparently, is how Jung saw World War II coming, during the last Uranus-Pluto square: from his patients dreams. When the collective is intensely activated, as it is now, it will push its way into our dreams.” Read More...

See also:


Mundane Forecast May/June/July 2012

Theodore White continues his close analysis of the current world events. His latest article includes mundane advice for May-July 2012, predictions for the May 20th Solar Eclipse, geophysical forecasts and his take on the upcoming rare Venus Transit.

“According to my mundane calculations, the next three months - May, June and July 2012 yield unfavorable world transits straight into the summer season in the northern hemisphere. We are about to hear, see and experience a series of unbelievable anomalous events that will be most unexpected and sudden for many people.”  Read More...


Written in 2011, Roy Gillett's article looks forward to 2012:

“Whatever is done through the last part of 2011 is unlikely to be enough. More speculation and funding will be increasingly forced upon governments and institutions in the first half of 2012 at a time they are likely to be less willing and able to meet such demands.”  Read More...

The Future of the Euro 

More on the Euro crisis in Adrian Duncan's 2012 predictions:

“In the coming years governments will fall one by one because of the coming social upheaval, like they have already done in Greece, Italy and Spain. And will do in 2012 in France, and in 2013 in Germany and England. The big question today is whether the Euro will survive this process. And if it does not, what the global consequences will be.” Read More...


And finally, click here to see Chris Brennan’s predictions for Hillary Clinton on Fox & Friends

With love, Mandi
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