Monday, 13 August 2012

Olympic Inspiration in the Stars

The 2012 Olympics are over and didn’t London put on a spectacular Games? With the Paralympics to come, the talk now is of legacy and of inspiring the next generation.

So, if you’re feeling motivated to take up a new sport, look to your Sun sign for inspiration. Just for fun, here are a few suggestions.

It’s got to be the sprint. Fast off the mark and over in seconds, you’re bound to cross the finishing line in first place. Boxing is another good option for burning up all that Mars energy and aggression.
Slow to start, but with enviable endurance, Taurus is best suited to the long races, like the Marathon or the 10,000 metres. If you can be bothered to get out of bed to train!
Any racket sport that requires good hand-eye coordination is good for Gemini. Tennis, Badminton, Table Tennis. Because you’re the sign of the twins, the doubles matches might be your best bet. Then again, Handball might suit. How are you ever going to make a decision?

You like to ensure you’re heavily defended at all times, so any sport that involved wearing protective armour is good for you. Why not give Fencing or Taekwondo a try? If ball sports are more your thing, you could try Football. In a defensive position, natch.
You’re ruled by the Sun, that big gold disc in the sky. Because of this, you don’t care what sport you do, so long as you get the gold medal at the end of it. You’d rather just have the medal and not do the sport. No pain, no gain, Leo!
You’re the master of the little things, so Table Tennis is for you. Dinky bat, tiny ball and a small table. Perfection!
For the chance to show off your grace and beauty, it’s got to be the Synchronised Swimming or the Artistic Gymnastics. And you get to compete wearing full make up and a pretty sparkly costume.
Because your co-ruler is Mars then the martial arts are great for you, so why not give Judo or Taekwondo a go? More than just competitive sports, they are about control, mastery and self-defence, three things Scorpio naturally excels at.
Your symbol is half-man half-horse with a bow in its hand, so it can’t be anything other than Archery or Equestrian for you. Or, because you’re a forward thinking soul, why not try the Modern Pentathlon. It includes both arrows and horses and more besides.
You’re used to working through obstacles, so why not give the 400m Hurdles a try? Failing that, how about weightlifting? You already carry the weight of the world on your shoulders, so what difference will a few more kilos make?
Team sports are the most obvious choice for you. How about Basketball, which will also have you flying through the air? If you prefer something more individual (and a bit weird) then the Pole Vault is also a bit like flying!
You’re the fish of the zodiac, so take your pick of anything in the water. Swimming, Diving, Rowing, Sailing, Canoeing, Water Polo. Give them all a go, water baby.
All pictures from wikimedia commons. Gymnast pic by Tomtheobald, Hurdles pic from by Thomas Faivre-Duboz.

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