Thursday, 25 October 2012

Pluto in Capricorn Encapsulated

Sometimes it's those who are non-conversant in the language of astrology who unwittingly say it best.

The following is an excerpt from yesterday's London Evening Standard, which neatly encapsulates the effects and the themes of Pluto in Capricorn:

We live in an era of  institutional fragility. Parliament [in the UK] has been rocked by the expenses scandal, the press by the hacking controversy and Leveson Inquiry, and the financial sector by the crash, the bailing out of the banks and the loss of faith in capitalism. These experiences have been traumatic, and not only for those under investigation.

A society's institutions are its guard-rails, the bodies that enshrine its values and continuities. To shine a bright light on their flaws, decay and outright dilapidation is intrinsically unnerving. But it has to be done. If those institutions are to heal and renew themselves for the future. The stables have to be cleaned.*

The article the quote above comes from, talks about the crisis at the BBC (another great British institution), brought on by the Jimmy Savile sex abuse scandal.

More on this scandal and how it pertains to the ingress of Saturn into Scorpio and Saturn's mutual reception with Pluto in Capricorn in an upcoming post.

Mandi Lockley's new e-book, Saturn in Scorpio: Your Guide Through The Dark is available now and covers all the major themes of Saturn in Scorpio, along with detailed sections on Saturn in Scorpio through your natal and houses and to your natal planets.

To read excerpts of the book see here and here. For a review, see here.

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*Article by Matthew d'Ancona 24.10.12 

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  1. Great post Mandi. Spot on comments on what the world faces in this cardinal crisis decade.

    I am also looking forward to reading your new book, Saturn in Scorpio: Your Guide Through The Dark.

    Great title and congratulations!

  2. Thanks Theodore, I really appreciate your comment and your support. I'm very pleased to see that you are still doing your own very valuable work in mundane astrology. We are llving in very interesting times, indeed.

  3. I like your style Mandi. You are using your god given gifts to fight the dark. I feel that you are on the right track, and that increased psychic perception is the way to go. Peace.


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