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The Story of an Art Heist ~ The People vs. Big Business

When a new work by renowned street artist Banksy appeared on the side of a Poundland store in London's Wood Green, locals were thrilled and the Council was quick to express its support and enthusiasm.

The piece appeared overnight on 13/14 May 2012 and is thought to be a comment on child slave labour and on the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.

I live about a mile from Wood Green High Road. It's not an attractive or exciting shopping hub, but it serves its community well. It's been hit by the economic recession and was badly looted and vandalised during the riots of 2011. The appearance of a Banksy was a real boost, something to feel proud about.

Wood Green during the 2011 riots

Click to enlarge. Time unknown
At its surprise appearance (chart above), the Moon was in Pisces, joining Neptune and Chiron (art healing the people). The Sun joined opportunistic Jupiter in materialistic Taurus. Mercury was also in Taurus in an Earth Grand Trine with Mars in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn. This Trine along with the Taurus concentration describes what happened next very well.

Inner wheel, Bansky appearance. Outer wheel, Banksy disappearance
Overnight on 16th February 2013 the artwork was removed from the wall, leaving an ugly scar. Poundland denied all knowledge and lawyers representing the owners of the building refused to comment. The artwork then appeared up for auction in Miami, expected to sell for upwards of £450k.

Big business (Capricorn) profiting (Taurus) at the expense of the 'little people' (Virgo).

At the approximate time of the 'theft', the Moon was in Taurus opposing Saturn in nefarious Scorpio (the money theme again) connecting with Mars in the chart for the artwork's appearance. Mercury and Mars were by now joining Neptune and Chiron in Pisces. Venus (art appreciation) is in cause-loving, 'for the people' Aquarius.

The story has spread far and wide. Locals and the Council are campaigning for the return of the street art to their community. Passionate supporters have bombarded the auction house with angry calls and posted outraged comments on its Facebook page. Nobody has claimed responsibility for taking it, so it is unclear (Pisces) whether it was stolen or removed legitimately. Even Scotland Yard and the FBI became involved.

The latest exciting development this morning (with Moon in attention grabbing Leo) is that the auction house, Fine Art Auctions Miami, confirmed that at the very last mimute they withdrew the piece, along with another Banksy, from sale. A turnaround reflected by stationary Mercury, still in Pisces, and ready for its retrograde later today.

It's also interesting to note that the strong Taurus (money) theme from the previous two charts is missing from the chart of the sale withdrawal.

What next? Wood Green wants its Banksy back. Will it be returned to its community or quietly sold to a private buyer? Watch out for news around March 3, when Mercury moves back to 15 Pisces in its retrograde, the degree of the theft. Also, around April 3, when Mercury hits that point again in its forward motion.

I would like to see it back in the community, so all can share and enjoy it.

Wood Green 24 February 2013

Meanwhile, a collage of new graffiti has appeared on the side of Poundland, proving that when you create a space it never remains empty for long. It's thought that the small rat asking Why? is another Banksy original.

With love,

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All photos by Mandi Lockley

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