Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Jupiter in Scorpio: everything looks big under a microscope

Jupiter goes into Scorpio today…here’s a short video introducing some of the major themes: 

Also, check out Rod Chang's excellent new article on Jupiter in Scorpio, discussing the economic, cultural, political and social impact of this ingress against the background of the other current significant transits:

Jupiter will soon move into Scorpio on 10th October. This undoubtedly will unfold a year of Jupiter-in-Scorpio experience, in which our society, culture and politics will focus on Scorpion issues including crisis, fear, darkness, withering, death, transformation, reintegration of resources, reallocation of power, reorganization of affairs, and issues of safety, control and protection, etc. When considering what might come up in this upcoming year, we should never overlook those other planetary placements that happen within the same time-frame. From October 2017 onward, there will be various powerful planetary ingresses and patterns besides this Jupiter ingress – Saturn will enter Capricorn on 20th December 2017, Chiron will move into Aries on 17 April 2018, and more importantly the ingress of Uranus into Taurus on 15th May 2018. All these ingresses symbolise significant changes on economic, cultural, political and social development.

Before the discussion of Jupiter ingress into Scorpio, we must make sure that we understand one thing – the ingress of a single planet or a single aspect often only gives us part of the whole picture. We should take into consideration the placements and aspects of other planetary transits in order to have a clearer vision of the global situation before us. At the moment, we need to pay attention to these following transit aspects: Jupiter-Uranus opposition, Uranus-Neptune semisquare, and Saturn-Chiron square Carry on reading>

With love, Mandi

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