Monday, 19 April 2021

Academy of Astrology Podcast #1

I'm excited to share the Academy of Astrology's new Podcast...

Edition #1, features Academy Tutors Rod Chang, Sue Farebrother, Marcos Patchett and myself, Mandi Lockley.

We discuss Mundane Astrology, take a peek at the chart for the late Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh and share a few thoughts about Uranus in Taurus...

Subscribe to our channel to watch the Podcasts live and ask questions, or to watch the recording available immediately afterwards: Academy of Astrology YouTube Channel

Join us for #2 - we'll look at the upcoming Full Moon in Scorpio. Friday 23rd April, 8pm BST. 

We'll also soon be announcing the Academy of Astrology's Mundane Lecture Series - featuring fascinating ideas and topics from some of the best and most popular astrologers, as well as some exciting up and coming voices. 

With love, Mandi x

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