Friday, 30 July 2021

How did we get here from there? The Jupiter Saturn Cycle

Happening tomorrow (31st July)!

Mandi Lockley is discussing the relationship between the Jupiter-Saturn cycle, the rise of globalism and extraordinary breakthroughs in human development and I ask How Did We Get Here From There?
It's a timely topic, as we started a new 20 year cycle at the end of last year during a period of turmoil and change. This new cycle also heralds over 200 years of Jupiter-Saturn Conjunctions in the Air signs.
The written word, the Enlightenment, industrial revolution, tech revolution, climate change and global pandemic, are all examined through the lens of the Saturn-Jupiter mutation cycle.
Join us on Saturday 31st July, 5pm UK time (convert to your local time here)

Suitable for all levels

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