Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Pisces Full Moon: The Last Dance of Summer

On 4th September, just a couple of days before Mercury goes Retrograde, the Moon is Full in Pisces.

There’s something ethereal and otherworldly about the idea of a Pisces Full Moon. An image comes to mind of a blissfully intoxicated celebration, a total letting go, an ecstatic dance, at one with nature, absorbing the potent energy of the Moon’s brightness, like Sylvie the Moongazy Girl in the wonderful Stonewylde novels.

By its very nature (marked astrologically by an opposition aspect between the Sun and Moon) we must engage totally with others and they with us during the Full Moon time and in Pisces we can also connect universally, as the boundaries between the worlds seem to dissolve and we feel as if we can see forever.

However, being an opposition, the other energies with which we must find compromise under this Full Moon are the energies of the Sun in Virgo. A balance between the chaos of Pisces and the order of Virgo must be found. This is a time to be giving and helpful, kind and compassionate. A time to give or to seek help. A time for service, even sacrifice. A time for purification, a time to connect with spirit, if that is your leaning.

If you are in tune and willing to do the work, you will find that the energies of this Full Moon are but another step on your journey towards expanded consciousness. I have been discussing this process for some time in my blog and on my website, in particular around the recent Lunar Eclipses, the Solar Eclipse and the ongoing Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron conjunctions.

Click on the links above if you want to read more, but in summary, these energies have been about letting go of what we don’t need (be it our emotional baggage, our self-limiting mindsets, the way we work, our relationships, the outdated causes we have served etc.) so that we can move forward with our purpose.

Sometimes it seems as if we have barely had a chance to heal and make the necessary adjustments before the next thing comes along, such is the apparent sense of urgency in the air these past few months, a sense of urgency which is coming to a head once again as Saturn and Uranus meet again in exact opposition mid-month, dragging mighty Pluto, who is right back at the start of Capricorn into a T-Square with it. A corner will be turned and many of us will start to come into our power. More on the Saturn-Uranus-Pluto alignment in an upcoming blog.

During this Full Moon time, watch what you say because with Mercury in Libra’s irritable square to Mars in Cancer, spilling your thoughts too readily on others could cause friction and might mean you have to take it all back anyway when Mercury goes Retrograde a couple of days afterwards.

Instead, draw on the spirit of the Pisces Moon and say what you have to say with kindness and compassion, then accept the invitation of Venus in Leo, who is asking you to bask and play a little while longer in the mellow afterglow of the long, hot summer.

Enjoy the dance.
This Full Moon will resonate most strongly with you if you are a Pisces, Virgo, Gemini or Sagittarius, particular if you were born in early March, early September, early June or early December, or if you have other planets or points at 9-13 degrees of the mutable signs.

If you do not know your chart and want to see if this Full Moon will affect you, you can quickly and easily download a free birth chart from http://www.alabe.com/ which also includes a basic interpretation or email me at mandi@mandilockley.com

I offer personal consultations, based on your time, place and date of birth. If you are interested, email me at mandi@mandilockley.com or see my website at http://www.mandilockley.com/


  1. Fascinating blog Mandi. This resonates stronlgy with me and the events of a psychic awareness evening that I hosted last night. With Sun in virgo and born under a Pisecean full moon, I felt the energies most keenly.

  2. Thanks Vicky, I'm pleased it spoke to you. I honestly think Virgo Sun with Pisces Moon is a special combination, particularly in these current times :-)


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