Saturday, 17 October 2009

Libra New Moon Meditation

A New Moon, under the darkening sky, is a good time to go within and this Libra New Moon, on the 18th October, is a good time to reflect upon where we need to find balance in our lives. So, this month, rather than looking at the astrological chart for the New Moon, I have devised a meditation which you may enjoy.

All you will need for this meditation is a quiet place and an Autumn leaf. It can be done indoors or outdoors.

Start by sitting down in a comfortable position and concentrate on your breathing, following your in-breaths and out-breaths until you start to feel stiller and calmer. As you breathe out, relax your body, making sure you are not tensed up in your shoulders, back, facial muscles etc. Make your breaths slower and longer, but comfortable. Feel your lungs filling up on the in-breath and emptying out on the out-breath.

When you are ready, take up your leaf and visualise the following image:

“A little boy, rebellious against school, watches a fluttering autumn leaf that seems to spell out his lesson for him”.

This is the Sabian Symbol for 25 degrees of Libra (the degree of the New Moon, rounded up).

Think about this image as you look at your leaf. Imagine you are that little boy, looking at the fluttering autumn leaf. What lesson do you think the leaf can teach you? Look at the colours. Think back to when it was a young leaf in the spring, unfolding and growing, full of promise. Then see it in full green colour in summer, on the tree, magnificent and strong. Look at the leaf now, beautiful, but dry and fallen from the tree. Imagine the tree in winter, bare of leaves. Now visualise the tree coming back into life in the spring and give thanks.

Now think about your own life. The ups and the downs. The happy times and the not so happy times. Think about how your life turns like the seasons. If life is currently happy and full, rejoice and give thanks, but if life has been difficult, absorb the promise of the tree and have faith in a new season of happiness and fulfilment to come. Take a moment to enjoy this feeling. Feel that you are able to hold your problems in perspective and balance now, for you are wise and like the tree, you will know when to surge forth and grow and when to rest and wait for better times.

Check in with yourself now to make sure you are still breathing and your body is still relaxed.

Look closely at the patterns on the leaf again now. Look at the symmetry and balance and contemplate where in your life you need to find more balance and harmony. Visualise yourself living your life in complete harmony and balance. Enjoy this feeling.

Now think about a circumstance where you have rebelled or resisted recently. Why do you think you did? What does this tell you about yourself? What is the lesson here? Like the little boy, ask nature or spirit to help you find the answer. Let the thoughts and images float around you now. Resist the urge to follow a single train of thought, try to remain detached. If you need to break a train of thought, go back to contemplating the leaf and check your breathing.

When you are ready, give thanks to nature or spirit. Go back to concentrating on your breathing and then slowly come back to yourself. Make sure you are grounded before you jump up, to avoid feeling lightheaded. A good way to do this is to plant your feet firmly on the ground and feel the earth beneath your feet. Visualise your feet as the base of a tree, with deep roots – secure, solid and safe.



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