Sunday, 28 February 2010

Giz A Job! Using Astrology to Make Career Choices

We are what we do and If you do a job that you love, you'll never work a day in your life, are just a couple of cliches we hear all the time, but like many a cliche there is some truth in these little catchphrases.

We spend so many hours at our work and we are so closely defined by what we do for a living, that our job becomes about much more than how we make our money, it becomes an issue of self esteem and self fulfilment. Therefore, it's very important to get it right. For many of us, this is difficult. All through our lives we are asked to make vocational decisions, but very often these are uninformed, perhaps because we're not sure what we're naturally good at or don't have the nerve to go for what we want, instead basing our choices on what our parents, teachers, peers, bosses, society etc. implicitly and explicitly tell us is the right thing to do.

This is where astrology can really help, where knowledge can really give us power to make informed decisions that are in our own best interests.

The birth chart is a fantastic tool, a personal journey map for our lives. We shouldn't see our birth chart as our fate, but rather as a wonderful resource for showing us the higher path and for making free will choices based on knowledge and insight.

So what can your birth chart tell you about what you should be doing for a living? Well, this article cannot give every reader the specific answer, as this is very personal work, but it can point you in the right direction, with some resources that can help you discover and unravel the mysteries of your birth chart, in terms of your vocational direction.

Here are a few ideas:

Consult a professional astrologer for a personal reading

Most astrologers will include vocational profiling as part of a regular consultation, but to be sure, ask your chosen astrologer in advance.

  1. A good place to start your search is an ever-growing directory of professional astrologers with many who cite career as one of their specialities.

  2. Check out the websites of the major astrological schools, as most list graduates who are working professionally. For example, The Faculty of Astrological Studies

  3. Which astrologers do you enjoy reading? Most astrologers who write books and publish articles are very easy to find online these days and many offer personal consultations.

  4. If you have friends who have consulted an astrologer before, ask them for recommendations.

Order an astrological report that focuses on careers

Usually a cheaper option than consulting an astrologer one-on-one, these reports are based on your personal birth data, tend to be computer generated and are usually delivered instantly to your inbox. There are thousands of reports out there to order online, some bad, some good, some indifferent. They are limited in that they don't 'bring everything together' in the way that a live astrology reading does, but a 'good' report is still going to be better than a 'bad' astrologer! Make sure you order from a website that offers a sample report, so you can get an idea of what you will get for your money.

  1. Matrix offers a report called Opportunities which looks at the personal characteristics, talents and inclinations in your birth chart which can clue you in to what career path you might be best suited to. You can read a full sample report here> and order your own report here> for just under $15.

  2. Website Cafe Astrology offers a Career Report here> for only $7. You can read a sample report here>

  3. This article does not wish to endorse any particular product, so do a quick Google search Astrology Report + Career to explore more options.

Do It Yourself

If you are an astrology student you may wish to take it as a learning opportunity and work it out for yourself. There are many books that can help you and many astrology schools and conferences have modules, workshops and lectures around the vocational astrology theme. If you can't get to a class, many schools and teachers offer downloadable MP3s.

  1. Vocations by Noel Tyl is a workbook that takes a methodical approach to working out the vocational route suggested in the birth chart. It requires a good basic knowledge of astrology, but Noel offers exercises on his forum, which he personally appraises, so you can polish your skills.

  2. How to Use Vocational Astrology for Success in the Workplace This book is out of print, but is available to buy second hand via Amazon. Contributions from 7 expert astrologers.

  3. In Search of a Fulfilling Career by astrologer Joanne Wickenberg promises a wealth of information on using the birth chart as a tool for vocational guidance.

  4. If you are based in the UK, the Astrology Student Conference 2010, 24th-25th April in London, focuses this year on life path and career and brings together some top European astrologers.

Wishing you luck and love on your journey towards a fulfilling life path.


NB: 'Giz a Job' is a phrase popularised by the early eighties TV drama Boys from the Blackstuff, which followed the ups and downs of a bunch of unemployed men from the north of England during recession.


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