Friday, 13 August 2010

An Interview with Uranus in Pisces

As Uranus moves out of Aries and back into Pisces for a spell, it seems appropriate to get a little nostalgic about the planet of innovation’s transit through the sign of divine inspiration, imagination and dissolved boundaries.

Imagine Uranus in Pisces is your friend. You haven’t seen him for a few months (while he’s been firing it up in Aries) and come March next year he’ll be going on a long stint back in Aries and won’t be back in Pisces for well over eighty years! What would you ask him?

Well, fortunately, Uranus is Pisces called me up and asked me out for a drink so I could interview him about how he thought the last seven years or so went down….

Astroair: Hi Uranus in Pisces, nice to see you again, how did the last seven years or so go down?

Uranus: Well, the most fun thing was my two year face-off with my old 'buddy' and him have ancient history.

Astroair: Really?

Uranus: Yes, back in the day, I was known as Father Sky and was hitched to Gaia, good old Mother Earth, but one day, I decided to shake things up a bit and buried her kids deep under the ground. Gaia was cross, natch, so she got our boy Saturn, who went by the name of Cronus back then, to castrate me and throw my manhood into the sea, but from them grew the beautiful Aphrodite, but I think you know her as Venus. Oh, I could reminisce all day about her….

Astroair: I can see why, but can we get back to more recent times?

Uranus: Ah yes, my most recent run-in with Saturn….

Astroair: You mean the Saturn-Uranus oppositions?

Uranus: Yes, well, as usual Saturn just wanted everything to stay the same, preserve the status quo, uphold tradition, blah, blah, but he had Pluto on the sidelines whispering in his ear, digging up the past, making him face things he’d rather not. You know, putting the pressure on. Well, with that going on I seized my opportunity, waded on in there and turned everything upside down. You hear about the banking crisis? The economic recession? Well it all went kaboom! at the end of 2008 and you’re still feeling the shockwaves, right? All I had to do was expose what was really going on and the whole financial system broke down before your very eyes. Exciting times….

Astroair: What's next?

Uranus: Well, change is in the air still, can you feel it? Saturn moves on soon though, so from 2012 to 2015, when I’m in Aries, it’ll be me and Pluto in Capricorn carrying on the good work. Viva la revolution!

Astroair: Any predictions?

Uranus: Come on, don’t you know your astrology? I’m the unpredictable one, so anything can happen. But one of the last times we were in a major alignment was the 1930’s. Remember the great depression? The New Deal in America? No probably not, you look too young. How about the cultural revolution of the mid-late 60’s when me and Pluto were walking hand in hand? You look as if you were just being born around then. Exciting times for you lot on Earth...and no doubt there are more exciting times to come.

Astroair: Thanks for the tip, but we’ve wandered off the point a bit, I was asking you about being in the sign of Pisces…

Uranus: Yes, that’s the trouble with Pisces, no focus.

Astroair: But there must have been some good times?

Uranus: Good, bad, it’s all the same to me, but yes, of course. The Health Care Reforms in the US. Not a done deal yet, but maybe you’ll see some closure before March next year. If I have anything to do with it, it will revolutionize the system and make it fairer for everyone. You see, in Pisces I came over all idealistic and compassionate, but in case you were wondering, I was still strong enough to push back against resistance to the change.

Then there was the election of Obama in 2008 on the very day of my first face-off with Saturn. What a day, talk about cosmic synchronicity! His motto was Change You Can Believe In. I liked that, it suited me very well. And I also appreciated how he was received as if he was the next Messiah. But now he’s really unpopular. Just goes to show how quickly things can swing. So it goes.

And going back a bit, there was my opposition with Jupiter in 2002-4, right at the beginning of my turn in Pisces. When I meet Jupiter in conjunction or opposition, it's reflected on your rock in times of rebellion, leaps in human consciousness, important innovations and exciting scientific breakthroughs.

Remember the mass protests against the invasion of Iraq in 2003? More than 10 million people protested in over 600 cities worldwide, the largest protest ever to take place before a war has even begun. Not only that, an international group of protesters went to Baghdad to act as voluntary human shields, hoping to avert the invasion. It didn’t work though as you know, the invasion went ahead anyway. I can’t influence outcomes because you have free will. I can only provide the necessary energetic vibe.

Then in science, the Human Genome Project was completed in '04, with 99% of the human genome sequenced to 99.99% accuracy and around that time your first successful cloned animals were born. And this one made me laugh…it was in ’04 that the Cassini-Huygens spacecraft arrived successfully within the orbit of my old adversary Saturn. The craft has sent back some truly remarkable, never before seen footage. Good ol’ Saturn, he’ll have no secrets now!

Astroair: You're in aspect with Jupiter again now aren't you?

Uranus: That's right, as I now flit between Pisces and Aries for the last time until the end of this century, I’ve just started the new cycle, a conjunction, with Jupiter. You astrologers have made all sorts of predictions - time travel; teleportation; the indisputable discovery of dark matter; mass riots, strikes and protests; commercial space tourism; proof of life on other bodies in the solar system….

Astroair: Are they right?

Uranus: You’ll just have to wait and see. I’m here to cause surprises, not to spoil them.

Astroair: Fair enough! Anything else you want to share about being in Pisces?

Uranus: Well, you tell me…

Astroair: Errmm, how about the massive spread of online social networking? Then there were breakthroughs in opportunities for the disadvantaged and marginalized and some very successful and innovative charity appeals. And there's been the rise of the new age movement, which has seen many turning their back on the organized, structured religions to follow their own brand of faith...

Uranus: Exactly and the list goes on and on… Of course Neptune in Aquarius has tried to take the credit for some of those, but who believes Neptune? Another drink?

Astroair: I don’t mind if I do, thank you very much.

With love, Mandi

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  1. Absolutely brilliant!

  2. Thanks Amanda, it was fun to channel Uranus :D

  3. Love it! Tho slightly jealous of course that you met for a drink with my very favourite planet without inviting me along...

  4. What a fun, creative way to remind us of all we've been through the past few years, Mandi. Oh, what does Uranus drink, btw? I'd like to keep some on hand for the next time he surprises me with a visit. ;)

  5. Thanks for your comments!

    Next time Uranus in Pisces drops round for a glass of his favourite, Pinot Grigio Blush, I'll be sure to ask you all along too ;D

  6. How did I miss this? Where was I three weeks ago? Anyway, this is wonderful. Informative and fun. The tricky part for me in this sort of exercise is climbing back out of the story at the end to remember that the planets don't do stuff to us, just mirror what we're doing to ourselves, but that's another conversation. This was great.

  7. Thanks Asha, it was fun writing it...Uranus is one of my best-loved planets and Pisces one of my best-loved signs, so I just had to meet him! LOL :D


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