Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Aries Full Moon Round Up

This Aries Full Moon falls on the oh-so sensitive Aries point – the zero degrees of the cardinal signs where the private becomes public and the personal becomes political (in the broadest sense of the word). Given that Full Moons are also times of full exposure, it seems that there’s no place to hide during this dynamic, fiery lunation. This early cardinal degree also reminds us that the energies of the recent cardinal t-square of Jupiter-Saturn-Uranus-Pluto are still ricocheting around our lives and in our world. We could reasonably expect issues that we hoped were behind us to rear their heads again under this lunation.

Full Moon times always make me feel unfocussed. Maybe it’s because there’s so much energy and light around and I suffer from a bit of over-exposure. If you spot me around town this Full Moon, I’ll be the one in the hat and the shades and the slightly lupine gait!

Yes, I somehow turn into a bit of a luna-tic and find myself too busy going a little too crazy to settle down to do anything specific, like writing any sort of enlightening blog post… Fortunately, most of my wonderful fellow astro bloggers seem to handle the energies better than I do and manage to put out some fabulous posts around Full Moon times, so here’s my pick of the best for the Aries New Moon. Enjoy!

Aries Full Moon: A Hiss is Just a Hiss from Moonkissd by Jessica   

Full Moon in Aries ~ Dance of Fire! from Auntie Moon

Also check out Auntie Moon’s Full Moon Giveaway for Aries

Full Moon in Aries from The Astrology Blog

Full Moon in Aries from Astro~Talk

Don’t forget that the Full Moon falls within hours of the Libra Equinox.
Here’s my take on what this Equinox says about the next three months ahead: Libra Equinox (written before the Full Moon madness grabbed me, in case you were wondering).

Happy Full Moon and Happy Equinox.

With love,

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