Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Astrology for September ~ Going Backwards to Go Forwards

August is now over and the seasons are changing, but the planets keep on spinning and turning.  September begins with the Sun in exacting Virgo until 23rd September and Virgo’s ruler Mercury in retrograde until 12th September.

Outer Planet Update...
In terms of outer planet action, Uranus moved back into Pisces in August (see Astroair’s interview with Uranus here), Saturn and Pluto made the last of their series of restricting squares and Jupiter and Saturn made an exact opposition.

The Cardinal T-Square peaked in August, but it’s not all over yet, we will be living for some time with the repercussions of all that has happened, personally and collectively, over the last couple of years. As September begins, all the outer planets except Saturn are retrograde, making this is a good time to take a step back and review the last few months. What’s changed? What’s been lost? What’s been gained? If nothing else, most of us will have felt a marked shift in our perspective on life, relationships and our sense of what we need in order to feel secure. Don't be anxious if things seem to be going backwards...this is only temporary.

Come the 13th September, Pluto turns direct, just one day after Mercury goes direct. Pluto’s been moving backwards through the early degrees of Capricorn since April. You may have felt as if you were on shaky ground, but hopefully things will start to settle now and you can finally begin to leave the past behind and start rebuilding afresh from a much stronger foundation.

On September 18th we have the second exact alignment of the current Jupiter-Uranus conjunctions. This is an exciting aspect, but very different from the last one in June which was in dynamic Aries. This time, both planets are retrograde, with Uranus in Pisces and Jupiter back in Pisces. The best approach for this one might be to deal with unfinished business around your hopes, dreams and ideals and re-assessing and re-aligning them in terms of your current reality. These themes are particularly in the spotlight on the 21st when the Sun in Virgo opposes the conjunction.

Venus, Mars and the Sun

In terms of the faster moving planets, Venus and Mars, who have spent most of August travelling in tandem in friendly, relationship oriented Libra, move into Scorpio on the 8th and 14th respectively. Passion and intensity are the key words for these placements, with Mars gaining the upper hand in his traditional ‘home’ sign. This placement is surely about stepping up and fighting for love or for a cause or for anything you feel passionately about. The two love planets continue to stick together throughout September, until Venus turns Retrograde in early October.

Then, on the 22nd, the Sun moves into Libra, marking the Equinox. See Libra Equinox - What Will the Next Three Months Bring? 

September’s Lunations

September 8th: A Super New Moon in Virgo
A time to rest, plan and sort your head out

September 15th: First Quarter Moon in Sagittarius
A time to take action on plans hatched at the New Moon…along with the need to ensure those plans remain flexible!

September 23rd: Full Moon in Aries
Everything becomes clearer. Pay off or pay back for actions taken during the New Moon and First Quarter Moons.

October 1st: Last Quarter Moon
Time to tie up any loose ends and make final adjustments to actions and projects, before slowing down for the next New Moon on 7th October.

For September's Void of Course Moon times and sign changes see:

September is one of my favourite months, harvest time and back to school time. I hope you have a great one.



  1. mandi... new moon date needs checking!!! must be a mercury retrograde error eh?!

  2. Hi Taranova, I've corrected the New Moon date, thanks for the heads up :D


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