Saturday, 14 May 2011

Good News Transits ~ Jupiter and Saturn

Everyone loves a bit of good news and I have been heartened to hear quite a few glad tidings recently from friends, family and colleagues. It’s certainly been a welcome lift after the doom and gloom of the last few months.

Where can we find good news in our horoscope?

The first and best place to look to is our transits. Here is part one of a light hearted summary of the good news that transits of Jupiter, Saturn and the outer planets can bring into your life. Yes, even Saturn and Pluto!


Joy, hope, optimism, good luck, opportunity. Jupiter transits promise a lot but doesn’t always deliver! So how do we make the most of them to make sure we turn them into good news?

 Opportunities don’t usually appear out of thin air, we have to go out and find them. If Jupiter is transiting your MC for example, this can spell good news for your career. Perhaps you are after a new job or chasing a promotion? It is unlikely to come if you don’t at least meet the universe half way. Letting your boss know that you are ready to move up or applying for a few new jobs is the obvious thing to do. I started a new job when transiting Jupiter was conjunct my MC, but it wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t been very actively looking.

 If you’re very lucky and an opportunity comes your way without you pursuing it, then you will still probably need to put in a bit of effort to capitalize on it. The good feelings that often come with a Jupiter transit can sometimes make us lose out on opportunities because we're too busy having a good time to follow up!

 Put yourself in the right place at the right time. Staying home and not connecting with other people just won’t cut it!

 Hang out with Jupiterian type people – magnanimous, adventurous, jovial people can really lift the spirits, infuse us with optimism and make us believe that anything can happen!

 Broaden your horizons - study a new subject, travel to somewhere new, explore other faiths and cultures. It could mark the start of an exciting new life journey.

Jupiter is currently in Aries. Here’s an exploration of the themes of Jupiter in Aries which might provide food for thought if Jupiter is currently making a transit to one of your chart’s planets or angles: Jupiter in Aries Brainstorm


Obstacles, limitations, delays, hard work, fear, caution. On paper, Saturn transits don’t sound like much fun at all! How can we turn that Saturn frown upside down?

 Saturn transits call for hard work and taking responsibility. Doesn’t sound like much fun? Remember that hard work, tenacity, responsibility and putting in the hours form the basic building blocks of success achieved over time. That's good news, so hang on in there!

 Saturn is the planet of structure, so a Saturn transit is the perfect time to re-structure parts of your life that aren’t working, so make the most of the opportunity and you'll reap the benefits in the long run.

 Slow down, be patient, take your time, stop rushing, don’t cut corners and do it right! This applies to any kind of task or ambition during a Saturn transit. We all love a bit of instant gratification, but when you’ve really, really worked at something, isn’t the satisfaction sooo much greater when everything finally comes together and you get what you've earned and deserved?

 Hang out with the old and the wise. When we’re younger we think we know it all! As we get older we realise how naive we were and how much we still don’t know! Whatever age you are, spending time with older people can be very rewarding. They’ve been through everything you’ve been through and probably worse! Their wisdom and advice could prove invaluable.

 Put it all down to experience! Saturn transit getting you down? The good news is that Saturn transits give you invaluable experience and a real opportunity to learn from your mistakes. Then one day you'll be a wise elder others come to for advice.

 If you get any kind of reward during a Saturn transit, know that you have really, really earned it, with no luck or fluke involved. ‘Maria’ was disappointed to be passed over for a promotion she felt she deserved. One year and a whole lot of hard work later, Saturn crossed her IC (opposing her MC – the career point). Not only did she get the promotion, but she won the employee of the year award! Now that's Saturn!

Still struggling with your Saturn transit? Here are some very useful and healing articles that might help: Look After Saturn and Saturn Will Look After You.

Saturn is currently transiting Libra. Here’s a look at the Saturn in Libra's transit through the houses.

Next up, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto

With love,

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  1. Hi Mandi,

    These are good collection of insights for Jupiter-Saturn transits.

    The well known example that comes to mind is that of Barack Obama receiving the Nobel Peace Prize on Oct 9th, 2009, while transiting Jupiter was crossing his Ascendant.

    I've also noticed a few US presidents being elected during the transiting Jupiter was crossing the natal Angles...So these are pretty significant, although as you say they don't always deliver. It's all about putting ourselves in the right place at the right time!



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