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Drought and Drink ~ Neptune in Pisces

I recently disovered a wonderful post about Neptune in Pisces, over at Genevieve Vierling's Blue Light Lady Blog. Here's the Link.Genevieve’s article set me thinking about more ways that Neptune in Pisces is manifesting. Here are a few quick thoughts...

Drought Parts of Eastern England are officially experiencing drought conditions, following a prolonged dry spell. While it's common to experience mild drought in the summer, it is very, very rare for it to happen this early in the year. Water is of course a major theme for Neptune in Pisces. More and more we are being forced to realise that we are wasting and polluting this most precious and essential of life’s building blocks. Click here for water saving tips.
Booze  The issue of alcohol is never off the political/media agenda lately. In the UK we traditionally have a very liberal approach to alcohol. Lately, while scores of struggling pubs close each week, alcohol consumption is going up. This is put down to cheap supermarket …

Why Self-Help Doesn't Always Help ~ by William Bloom

I recently came across the following article by author William Bloom. I thought it worth sharing with my readers here because it provides important food for thought for all of us who are following a path of personal development, including those of us who use astrology as our tool.

Have you ever wondered why self-help and healing strategies do not always work — even when practised diligently and even by their own teachers? This has often bothered me, especially when I have seen close friends work hard at these techniques and then not achieve the new life or health they want. Sometimes my friends have been not only disappointed but have also, tragically, even felt stung and ashamed by their lack of success. These negative feelings and thoughts arise, I want to suggest, because people do not have the full picture of what is going on when they strive to fulfil their potential and use these self-help strategies. They do not see what is beneath the surface —…

Astrology for February ~ Neptune swims into Pisces & Saturn in Libra's on the turn

February is upon us and with it has come some pretty chilly weather across parts of Europe. But what about the astrological weather this month?

February brings two big events, Neptune enters Pisces on February 4th and Saturn in Libra turns Retrograde on February 7th.

Neptune dipped its trident into Pisces back in April last year, before re-entering Aquarius in August. Now it settles in Pisces until 2026.

Neptune is the planet of illusion, dissolution, the dissolving of barriers and boundaries, meltdowns, glamour, scandals and collective emotional undercurrents. Pisces is the sign of compassion, imagination, spirituality, merging, yielding and the victim-saviour-martyr complex. Put them together and the possibilities are endless, indefinable, unfathomable.

See A Neptune in Pisces Miscellanea for more themes associated with Neptune in Pisces, based on its last stay there. It looks at fashion, compassion, watery technology and how we all need to be more sensitive to the feelings of oth…