Thursday, 19 November 2009

The Sun Gallops into Sagittarius

On 21st November the Sun starts its yearly gallop through the adventurous, energetic, optimistic sign of Sagittarius.

There's a real sense of spirit about Sagittarius, which is not surprising given it's a Fire sign. However, unlike the pioneering 'me first' spirit of Aries and the fiercely loyal but ego-centric 'look at me' fire of Leo, the Sagittarian fire quest is one which takes this sign above and beyond, pushing further onwards and upwards in its search for meaning and its vision of the future.

Sagittarius is the great explorer of the zodiac, reaching out to far flung places, of the world and of the mind. Represented by the Centaur it is the only sign with a mythical creature as its glyph, reminding us that he will go as far as the heavens themselves in order to complete his quest. As the saying goes: Fools rush in where angels fear to tread!

Yes, Sagittarius can seem foolhardy or slapdash or downright irresponsible, but what the rest of us sometimes forget is that Sag always has one foot in the future and one eye on the big picture and this panoramic view means that he very often misses the finer details of what's right in front of him. On the whole this big picture approach tends to work quite well for Sagittarius. After all, somebody must hold the grand future vision for the rest of us.

With Jupiter as his ruler, Sagittarius often seems blessed with good luck, but maybe it's just that he simply gets away with things more easily than the rest of us. Perhaps we let him get away with it because we understand that Sag is one of the most generous and forgiving signs and therefore forgive him all the more easily because of that.

So onwards and upwards we go into the Sun's journey through Sag and as a Sagittarian acquaintance once said to me Never look back, never lose your nerve! I can personally verify that he has made a very fine success of his long life with this philosophy.

Enjoy the Sun in Sagittarius


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