Monday, 2 November 2009

Taurus Full Moon: Resistance is Futile

Full Moons are times when the Moon is fully visible. Full Moons shed light, expose and uncover important issues. Under the Full Moon we can’t hide from these issues, they come to a head.

Today’s Full Moon chart contains a configuration involving all the fixed signs. The Sun in Scorpio opposing the Moon in Taurus, squares Mars in Leo and widely squares Jupiter in Aquarius, putting the issues of fixity firmly in the spotlight.

The fixed signs uphold and maintain, organise and keep things on track. The problem with the fixed signs is a problem of attachment, manifesting as stubborn resistance to change. Ultimately, the fixed signs teach us how to release our attachments, a hard lesson taught through the painful experience of resisting the letting go process.

Facing and dealing with our resistance to change, on the individual and the collective level, is therefore the message of this powerful Full Moon. To expand the message, to find context and to feel our way forward, we must look to the longer astrological measurements which are currently shaping our personal lives and our wider world.

First, we have the ongoing Saturn-Uranus oppositions, of which we have just passed the half way point. Saturn and Uranus’ ultimate battle is between old worn out systems and methods and new ways which fly in the face of the way it’s been done in the past. If we are too fixed, over-attached and fearful of these inevitable changes, then our resistance, the very thing that we employ to protect ourselves, simply adds to the growing pains of our adjustment to change, causing considerable additional tension and suffering.

This all sounds very grim and difficult, so how can we help ourselves and each other through the undoubtedly difficult times we are going through individually and collectively? How do we embrace change, even difficult, seemingly negative change, with minimum pain, loss and suffering? The bad news is that we can’t avoid change and we can’t wave a magic wand and make all the pain go away, but we can honour the process, by allowing ourselves the time to mourn properly for what we are being forced to release and let go of, be it material, emotional or spiritual.

How do we facilitate this healing and mourning period? Well that is an individual journey. For some, healing is found through their faith or spiritual beliefs, others may seek counselling or psychotherapy, others might find healing through their friendship networks or their families, or through helping others.

However, if we look to the ongoing Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron conjunction, we can identify some themes that can help and comfort us. Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron is about idealism, hope and healing. The conjunction is in Aquarius, a fixed sign, reminding us that part of our process involves learning to let go. This can mean learning to healthily let go of lost dreams that our changed circumstances no longer allow. It can mean learning to deal with disappointment in a constructive way and counting our blessings. It can mean letting go of unhelpful over-idealism which gets it the way of seeing things as they are and inhibits our ability to deal with our situation realistically.

It also means that we should have faith in the healing process and hope that we can move on to build new structures in our lives with positivity, grace, realism and dash of healthy resignation. And here we found ourselves in the space of Saturn in Libra, a space where we can learn to accept our limitations, make healthy compromises, act in a spirit of true co-operation and strive towards creating new balance in our lives and the lives of others.

Please remember that even though it might feel like our own small worlds or even the world at large is playing the end game, this is your fear of change and your fear of the future talking. Fear destroys, inhibits and obstructs growth. This is the grave danger of Saturn in Libra’s square with Pluto in Capricorn.

However, Saturn and Pluto are in the early degrees of cardinal signs which symbolises not so much the end of a season/world, but the start of a new one, a seeding time. Now is the time to focus on new beginnings and start building our new future. Like a seed, we must germinate in the dark and push our way upwards through the heavy dark density of the soil. The positive message of today’s fixed Full Moon is the realisation that, like the seed, we have inside us the strength, resources and determination to do this. Like a seed we must learn not to be afraid of the dark, for if we are growing in the right direction and we plant in fertile soil, we will not have far to travel before we break through into the light.

In our darkest hour on our journey towards the light we can call upon the symbolism of Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron in Aquarius and Saturn in Libra to remind us that we are all in this together, that we needn’t be alone in our fear.

Wishing you safe travels and positive growth.



  1. Thanks for this article. . . I really enjoyed it. :-)

  2. Hi Susannah, thank you for your comment, really glad you enjoyed it.
    Mandi :-D


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