Monday, 29 March 2010

Libra Full Moon – Who Am I, Who Are You & Where Do We Draw the Line?

I love Full Moon times. A Full Moon is so obvious you can’t miss it, its huge and round, brightly illuminating the night sky. Don’t you want to just reach out and touch the Moon when it’s full? Isn’t it just so beautiful and perfect?

This Full Moon falls in the sign of Libra. I had a long conversation with a friend this morning and we quickly got onto the topic of selfishness vs. selflessness. Where does the balance lie between looking after your own interests and taking care of the interests of others?

This topic came up because a person who I love very much needs my help right now and because I care, I really do want to help them, as best as I can. The trouble is I’m currently in a space where I’m in need of some ‘me’ time, for the sake of my mental/physical/emotional health. So what do I do?

This question captures the essence of the Aries-Libra dynamic, an issue being highlighted over the next couple of days as the Moon in Libra opposes the Sun in Aries.

Purely and simply, Aries is ‘self’ and Libra is ‘other’. Aries is Me, Libra is You. Without me, there cannot be you. Without you, there cannot be me. It is the interplay between me and you, self and other, that makes relationship. The answer to my quandary lies in a creating and maintaining a healthy balance between my needs and the other person's needs. The key to doing that lies in setting up clear, mutually acceptable boundaries and expectations in our relationship and in learning to claim my own space within that relationship.

These Full Moon issues illuminate the wider messages the sky is currently giving us - the message of Saturn in Libra and the message we will be forced to listen to when Uranus moves into Aries. The closest major aspect this Full Moon makes is a square to Pluto – a reminder that when the balance is not right in our relationships, we are in danger of wandering into difficult territory -  an unbalanced situation, where one or both parties uses power, control, manipulation, even bullying, to get what they think they need/want out of a relationship.

Here are some excellent articles on Saturn, Uranus and Libra to help you with these questions and issues.

Saturn Transit Libra: A Lesson in Boundaries Astrologer and energy healer Kachina Houska offers this simple visualization and energy technique to help promote boundary development within relationships, a positive and valuable way to connect with the energies of Saturn in Libra.

Uranus in Aries ~ How easily can we adapt as Uranus moves from the nebulous realm of Pisces into the dynamic and forceful sign of Aries? Tony Vowles shares his views on handling this uncomfortable energy and offers tips on staying balanced through the transition.

Pluto and Bullying: How to Recognize and Deal with It: A recent rash of front page stories have made us aware of bullying’s potentially deadly aftermath. Donna Cunningham explains the astrological signatures and links to resources for understanding and dealing with this problem.

These three articles feature in the Cardinal T-Square Blog-A-Thon, which forms a large, permanent collection of articles by a number of talented astrologers on the issues of Saturn, Uranus and Pluto. For the links to all the articles, go to:

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Data for the Full Moon:
29 March 22.25 EDT / 30 March 03.25 BST
Sun 9 Aries 17 / Moon 9 Libra 17


  1. Sorry, I was looking at some images for my next paper on the geology of the Moon, and I stumble across this... what the hell are you talking about? Planetary Science is my business and this is... no idea, Saturn in Libra, what do you mean? Saturn is a planet that from our prospective from Earth appears to orbit in the background of a random number of stars. Some of these are brighter than others and primitives (in terms of understanding of the universe) associated these with mythical figures, mostly to help them to keep time and navigation purposes. 21st century people tell me that Saturn is crossing... Libra so my "emotional" state is going to be effected? Did I jump onto a time-machine and gone back 10,000 years ago? Are you people for real? Sorry, I am a bit in shock...

  2. Sorry I couldn't resist this one: Energy Healer? Does he work for the Electricity Board? What on Earth is that? A new form of energy? Get the Nobel price board here and now... something amazing has been discovered! Guys... come on! Let's be serious and grown up! I still love your naivety though, I bet you are happier than me... We paid a high price for knowledge, being kicked out of the 'paradise of ignorance' 'n all... are you searching for the blissfulness of scientific and factual ignorance... a good step forward this state... Carry on with your good work!


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