Friday, 2 September 2011

Astrology for September ~ Lists and Wishes

September is one of my favorite months. The weather mellows and it’s a time to enjoy the fruits of the soil under the Harvest Moon.  Here’s a sneak preview of September’s astro-action…

September 8/9: Mercury Enters Virgo ~ Make a List

Mercury feels right at home in organized, analytical Virgo. This is a great time for a pre-winter clean out – mentally and physically. Or if you’re below the Equator, it’s a good excuse for a spring clean. Make yourself a healthy brew of herbal tea, sit down and prepare a list of all the things you need to do over the next few weeks in preparation for the new season to come. This is also a useful Mercury placement for dealing with life’s little niggles in a practical, matter of fact kind of way, no messing. Be wary, though, of getting so caught up in the small details that you can’t see the wood for the trees and get stressed out! Stop once in a while, get out in nature, take a few deep breaths and remember that there’s always a bigger picture right under your nose.

Mercury is in Virgo until September 25.

September 12: Full Moon in Pisces ~ Make a Wish

So, you made your list under Mercury in Virgo and you’re methodically ploughing through your tasks, crossing them off one by one. Very satisfying, but then you get the feeling that something’s missing. What is it? Could it be magic? Yes, under this Pisces Full Moon it’s time to make a wish and put your faith in the unknown. It’s an opportunity to check that the practical, material path you’re following also allows room for the spiritual and ethereal side of life. Practical hard work might feed the belly, but connecting with something bigger than yourself will feed the soul. This is the Harvest Moon, so whatever you believe in spiritually, it’s a time to give thanks and set your spiritual intentions for the next month.

Of course, it’s not all about ‘me, me, me’ with Pisces or with Virgo. While Mercury in Virgo (and the Virgo New Moon in late August) are great for giving practical help to others, this Pisces Full Moon speaks of the need to show compassion to our fellow beings. Enjoy the Full Moon.

The Full Moon falls at 19 Pisces 17(Moon) and 19 Virgo 17 (Sun). 
For all of September’s Moon phases, see

September 14: Venus Enters Libra ~ Correcting the Balance

Libra is one of Venus’ favorite signs. This placement is all about relationships, socializing, happy compromise, getting along with others, the nice things in life, fairness and balance.  We should be in for a nice time, but Venus makes a couple of tough connections with Uranus and Pluto on the 17th and 18th.  These aspects suggest challenges around the things (listed above) that Venus in Libra symbolizes. This is a time to think about what and who you commit to and why. It also presents an opportunity to look deeply into your own motivations and those of others in all your relationships and social interactions. Is the balance right? By the time Venus conjoins Saturn on the 30th you should be able to take responsibility and work through any remaining issues. Then you can emerge into October feeling much more secure in your relationships.

Venus is in Libra until October 8/9

September 16: Pluto Turns Direct ~ Powerful Turnarounds

Pluto has been retrograde (appearing to move backwards through the zodiac) since April and now finally turns around.  As Pluto spends over 40% of its time retrograde, it’s not worth getting in a big lather over. It is, though, worth noting the dates when it actually changes direction, because these tend to bring powerful and intense energies. Pluto turns around at 4 degrees, 53 minutes of Capricorn, so if you have planets and angles at 4-5 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra and/or Capricorn, this turnaround represents a significant transit for you (get your chart for free at As I mentioned in my retrograde Pluto write up in April, a deep review of your emotional and material life could be called for, as well as dealing with issues around power and control and self-sabotaging habits. Pluto transits are not easy, but in the final analysis they can signal the start of positive change. See Notes From A Pluto transit for a personal account of what a Pluto transit can be like.

In world astrology Pluto represents big business, plutocrats, the infrastructure and administration of government, power and the abuse of power, taboos, the super wealthy and the buried riches of the earth, including oil and plutonium and nuclear energy. It’s always worth watching the news for Pluto themes a week or so either side of the turn around. If you remember, back in April, a major issue in the news was the disaster at the Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan following the devastating earthquake. The handling of the disaster led to the resignation of the Prime Minister there.

September 18 /19: Mars Enters Leo ~ Brave Heart

Mars in Leo has a much better ring to it than Mars in Cancer.  In Leo, Mars asserts itself proudly, warmly, from the heart. Its expression can be dramatic, self-seeking and proud. If the will is too stubborn and self-centred, this can lead to problems, especially if Mars in Leo doesn’t feel like he’s getting the rewards he feels he deserves for his unquestionable prowess! Then Mars in Leo can become pushy, overbearing and domineering. At best though, the natural confidence of Mars in Leo is shared generously and expressed with tremendous creative flair and positive vitality. Enjoy basking in the warm heart of Mars in Leo. It’s a great placement for going for what you want, with charm and good grace.

Mars is in Leo until November 10/11.

Summary of September’s Main Events

September 8/9: Mercury Enters Virgo
September 12: Full Moon in Pisces
September 14: Venus Enters Libra
September 16: Pluto Turns Direct
September 17: Venus opposes Uranus
September 18: Venus squares Pluto
September 18 /19: Mars Enters Leo
September 23: Sun Enters Libra - coming in Part 2
September 25: Mercury Enters Libra - coming in Part 2
September 26: Sun opposes Uranus - coming in Part 2
September 27: News Moon in Libra - coming in Part 2
September 28: Sun Conjunct Mercury and Square Pluto - coming in Part 2
September 30: Venus Conjunct Saturn

Note: where two dates are shown, the event occurs on the later date in western times zones such as EDT and PDT and the earlier date in eastern times zones such as GMT.

With love,

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  1. Mandi,
    Thank you for providing a link to the article you wrote about your personal experience with Pluto retrograde. I did not find it to be a downer. I found relief and enlightenment through your words. Thank you for posting it was very helpful.

  2. Dear Mandy, About your Pluto article (link provided)....I am Capricorn sun,Aries moon, Sag (MC) and Aquarius rising....As I read your words, I did not feel scared , as some of the readers, however, I did feel as if you were describing in depth my particular experiences during this period....Even though a winter baby (like you) I find that I come alive in autumn, but, like others, I can be morose in deep winter, if circumstances are right...I,too, have issues from my childhood, and feel safer as a single gal most times....control is mine, happiness is MY own choices, etc.....freedom....I also love my pet, who sees NOT my faults, or just blindly FORGIVES....I am undeserving of this wonder, a loyalty which is hard to find in the human realm....and unmatched.....for today...I have 2 kids, both of whom were perfect as children, but, were adored by me and quite spoiled and catered a result, they are arrogant, self-richeous (sp) little beings who (both) are unmarried cause no one in his mind would have either of them...LOL...they may get better in time...I am a scapegoat to both, they see not their own shortcomings and their memory seems flawed....I am a whipping-post and a hypocrite in their eyes.....I had a period of grief ( +7 yrs) concerning my loss of their loyalty/affection, and now I am out the other new doggy has taught me to laugh from deep down in my belly....and I think I have passed from my (winter) into my (spring)...Recently I broke my wrist and arm in a tumble over a parcel on the porch....I cursed the bad luck, but it was a blessing in disguise, as it allowed me the clear vision to see who my TRUE friends were.....and, just in time, as my dad had left me a (hidden) inheritance from the lottery from 1995 which he had invested in order to regain the taxes....I have been unlucky in love until now, but I look forward to the future.....those who should have been close to me before the (lotto) news came out publicly are soon to be kicking themselves but good.....I will be learning to set boundaries , too, the sooner, the better...I have learned that Pluto destroys so as to a phoenix from the ashes....and, when one door closes, another opens....I do love my kids, but I will never again allow them to use my (maternal) instincts to hold me 2 sisters have both been hurtful, but they have been fighting as 2 cats in a bag and have taken each other out....I feel it is time for me to re-locate and begin my neew life....a few family photos, my doggy and a clean change of all I need.....ahhhh, Pluto, you **** beast....(the race is not to the swift, nor the strong, but, time and chance happens to them all....Bible verse) Keep writing, Mandy, and keep the chin up high, you little lotto winner, you...!!! From loyalsoxfan in Florida USA...xoxoxo kisses

  3. Thank you both for your comments.

    I'm pleased the Pluto article spoke to you and wish you both all the best. I hope that love and light accompany you on your journey, wherever life takes you.

    Love Mandi x

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