Sunday, 22 January 2012

An Urgent Post About Saturn in Libra (& Your Personal Saturn Review)

Saturn in Libra requires our serious consideration over the next few weeks. Mid January, it moved into the final degree of Libra, where it will stay until March 3.

The final degree of any sign, the 29th degree, is known as the Anaretic (or Critical) Degree.  When a planet is at the Anaretic Degree there is a sense of urgency and extremism. Closure is required before the planet can move fully into the energies of the next sign, so issues/themes related to the planet’s outgoing sign placement come to a head. Things can seem as if they’re at the end of their rope with fast action required to find a solution. Issues that have been complacently pushed to one side tend to pop up for urgent resolution. There’s a sense that time is running out. Decisions need to be made quickly.

For Saturn in Libra, this is an especially tense visit to the Anaretic Degree. It will stay there longer than it usually would due to its slow movement as it prepares to station Retrograde at 29 Libra on February 8 (see data at the end). The Retrograde (apparent backward movement) of Saturn makes it doubly likely that old issues will come up over the next few weeks.

Saturn Retrograde in the final degree of Libra is a time to review your progress over the last couple of years. Tie up loose ends, clear up unresolved issues, reflect upon losses one last time, allow yourself to enjoy the rewards of your achievements, make some (perhaps difficult) decisions, restore your sense of balance and prepare to let go so you can move on.

How this will affect you depends on which house Saturn in Libra is transiting in your chart and which natal planets it’s transiting, if any. The house Saturn has been moving through reflects the area of your life where you have been facing Saturn’s tests, delays, obstacles and challenges, where you have had to take responsibility, meet obligations and learn lessons.

In particular, Saturn in Libra has brought lessons and tests around diplomacy, compromise and fairness. It’s asked you to take relationships more seriously, to set healthy boundaries and to get the give-take balance right. Any kind of relationship could have felt like a heavy responsibility under this transit. Solid relationships have become more committed, but others may have broken down. We have learnt lessons around communicating and relating to others. We’ve been urged to play by the rules, stop competing and learn to cooperate and negotiate. Disputes, arguments and claims may have arisen. Some have been settled, but others remain to be resolved. Under Saturn in Libra peace and harmony has been more than possible, but you will have discovered that achieving it requires hard work, patience and constant compromise.

Your Personal Saturn in Libra Review

Back in 2010, Astroair Astrology wrote about the themes of Saturn in Libra through the Houses, including handy tips. Use these themes and tips as your starting point for your own Saturn in Libra Review.

Here are the links:

In case you’re quite new to astrology, both links explain how to quickly and easily work out what house Saturn in Libra is moving through.

Here are a a few questions to start you off (relate these to the area of life represented by the house Saturn has been transiting):

What have I learnt?
What obstacles have I overcome?
What new responsibilities have I taken on? Are they still relevant going forwards?
Where have I been held back/held myself back?
What have I achieved?
How has the way I have related to others improved?
Where in my life (or in the life of others), have I helped to create harmony and good relating?
What loose ends do I need to tie up?
What compromises have I had to make? Has it been worth it?
What do I need to let go of?
What decisions need to be made now?

I hope things come together for you over the next few weeks. Certainly, having a personal review now can only help, especially if things come to an urgent head and you need to act quickly or make a difficult decision. Let me know how you get on.

With love,

  • January 15, 2012: Saturn enters 29 Libra 00 (enters the Anaretic Degree)
  • February 8, 2012: Saturn stations Retrograde 29 Libra 30
  • March 3, 2012: Saturn enters 28 Libra 59 (leaves the Anaretic Degree)
    June 25, 2012: Saturn turns direct on 25 June at 22 Libra 45
  • September 28, 2012: Saturn enters 29 Libra 00 (re-enters the Anaretic Degree)
  • October 6, 2012: Saturn enters Scorpio


  1. Hi Mandi. Love your article about Saturn in Libra! I'm somewhat new to astrology. How do I find out where and how this transit is affecting me? I know my planets but don't know about the houses.

  2. Hi KnifePartyQueen, thanks for the positive feedback and I'm glad you enjoyed the article. To find out what house Saturn is in for you, click on the link below and scroll down for simple instructions. All you need is your date and place of birth and time of birth if you know it

    1. This is the second time Saturn has moved through my natal house and each time it has been the same thing: a time of loneliness. This time there is more of a feeling of mortality compared with the last transit. When Saturn moves through my natal house my social world shrinks and my life centers around my immediate family. The natal house for me is the seventh. Everything that makes my persona is challenged from within and things that were not worthy were discarded. But Saturn and I have been at war since my birth since it was opposition my sun. Don't under estimate astrological forces.

  3. Hi Mandi, thank you for the article. My Sun is in Libra 29 degrees 11 in the 11th house now. Oh, how I look forward to this transit passing...It certainly has felt like an uphill battle. Funny how when you are in it, the lessons are not yet (too) obvious. I am sure in time I will be grateful for Saturn's visit... For now, keep on swimming, keep on swimming :)

  4. Hello Mandi
    Could you please clarify, whether this is for Libra sun sign or moon sign?

  5. Hi Pal, it's relevant for any Sun or Moon sign. The key is to work out where transiting Saturn in Libra falls in your chart. Click on the link if you don't know for info that will help

  6. EXCELLENT ARTICLE. My Saturn rules 10 & 11 the house signifying profession & Income. I had a very challenging time and things happened just in order of how and when you have mentioned.

  7. i dont know deepely about rules & house but plz can u provide me the prediction of what is going to happen when satturn is going to enter libra my dob is 28/09/1988 and time 10:50 my eid is

  8. Hi.. I am a mess..:( My birthday 10 07 1981 born salt lake city Utah.. I don't know what do? HELP


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