Monday, 12 April 2010

Aries New Moon: Clear Your Head

Welcome to the Aries New Moon, the first New Moon of the astrological year!

This lunation is a good one for clearing your head (Aries rules the head) and moving forward.

Here are a few simple and easy ways to clear you head that you can do now!

Exercise: Walk or run. Do it fast! Get into the zone.

Practice your breathing:

There’s a very simple but effective breathing exercise in a recent post. Especially good for those impulsive, fiery ‘Aries’ moments! Click on this link and scroll down

Keep things simple
in what you eat and the way you work. Get straight to the point in your interactions with others.

Have a laugh!
There’s lots of humor on the astrology blogs this month. Check out these fun links:

A Good Read for the Aries New Moon:  
This famous self-help book is your guide to leaving behind the analytical mind and the ego, connecting with the essence of our Being and learning to live in the now.

Data (add one hour to times for daylight saving):
  • Moon enters Aries on 12th April at 13.31 GMT / 08.31 Eastern Time / 05.31 Pacific Time
  • Aries Full Moon: 14th April at 12.29 GMT / 07.29 Eastern Time / 04.29 Pacific Time 
  • Moon enters Taurus on 14th April at 22.55 GMT /17.55 Eastern Time / 14.55 Pacific Time
  • Sun enters Taurus on 19th April 04.30 GMT / 20th April 23.30 Eastern Time / 20th April 20.30 Pacific Time


  1. Really enjoyed this post Mandi. Thank you!

  2. Thanks Theodore, I'm glad you liked it. There's a fabulous immediacy and accessibility about Aries Moons isn't there? :D


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