Thursday, 8 April 2010

Astro Giggles

A couple of classic 'Moon' clips from the fabulous Mighty Boosh:

Baby's First Words

Aries: Now!
Taurus: More food!
Gemini:  (whatever it is, it will be a lie)
Cancer: I love my Mummy
Leo: Me, me, me!
Virgo: Ughhh, dirty!
Libra: Pretty mirror
Scorpio: (not so much a word, more an evil laugh)
Sagittarius: (too busy learning to walk to have any patience for talking)
Capricorn: Daddy
Aquarius: (first word was unrecognisable, parents think it was in some kind of alien language)
Pisces: Bottle please

Life's a battleground. Here's how opposing signs go to war against each other:

Aries vs. Libra - a charm offensive
Taurus vs. Scorpio - loooong, slooooow, very strategic
Gemini vs. Sagittarius - a war of words
Cancer vs. Capricorn: fighting for control of the home land
Leo vs. Aquarius: the winner takes the crown, but only Leo will wear it. Aquarius will donate it to charity. 
Virgo vs. Pisces: its all about martydom and sacrifice


  1. 你可以從外表的美來評論一朵花或一隻蝴蝶,但你不能這樣來評論一個人........................................

  2. What fun, Mandi! Thanks for taking part in National Humor Month. With all the challenging transits, we can all use a smile or a giggle. Donna Cunningham, Skywriter

  3. Thanks Donna :D

    Thanks also to the comment in Mandarin. I hope you enjoyed the post - a bit of a break from the usual serious/helpful astrology I post here.



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