Tuesday, 6 April 2010

How Did The Tarot Pack Cross The Road?

Donna Cunningham, astrologer and the inspirational driver behind the Cardinal T-Square Blog-A-Thon, sent me a welcome reminder a week ago that life on earth these days isn't just about hard work, disruption, upset and restriction, despite evidence to the contrary! Oh no, life can be masses of fun too and April is National Humor Month, a great excuse to see and to celebrate the funny side.

Now at first, my Capricorn Sun, ravaged by transits from Saturn and Pluto, was very sceptical, too tired, miserable and heavily burdened to even consider thinking up some funny stuff to post. What on God's good earth is there to laugh at? Not a lot, that's for sure! But then, my Mercury in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Gemini got talking behind my Sun's back, as per usual. They sure do love each other those two, a proper little mutual admiration society all to themselves! But in the end my Sun thought they came up with a couple of good ideas (especially compared to the weird stuff my Venus and Mars in Aquarius came up with, but we won't go there!) and in the end agreed to join in with my merry band of astro-blogging buddies.

So here is the first funny piece, albeit Tarot humour instead of astro-humour, but hey-ho, they made me chuckle and hopefully they'll raise a smile with you too!

Why did the Fool cross the road? To get that yappy little dog off his heels.

Why did the Magician cross the road? To manifest his desires into reality.

How did the High Priestess cross the road? She didn't, she knew it wasn't her time to cross the road.

How did the Empress cross the road? With her heart in her hands.

Why did the Emperor cross the road to Canada? They have cable, beer and Hockey Night in Canada.

Why did the Heirophant cross the road? He saw a sign.

Why did the Lovers cross the road?
They had to come out to forage for food sometime.

How did the Chariot cross the road? 0-90 in .5

Why did Strength cross the road? She was attracted to someone for their needs. Therefore, crossing the road was one thing, staying across the road would be another.

Why didn't the Hermit cross the road? He couldn't cross the road 'til he found one.

How did Justice cross the road? Without the blindfold.

How did the Hanged Man cross the road? He bungee jumped off the Tower. (Not recommended)

Why did Death cross the road? To check his road kill stats.

Why did Temperance cross the road?  To cross or not to cross? Now that is the question.

How did the Devil cross the road? In a Saturn.

How did the Tower cross the road? On stepping stones made from ruined plans.

Why did the Star cross the road? To get to the point of convergence.

Acknowlegements to the unknown author of these jokes, which were sent to me by 'Me' via the Magic Path social networking site. The Tarot cards pictured are from the widely available Rider-Waite tarot pack. The laughing old man pic is all over the web, but I can't find who to acknowledge it to - if you know, let me know

For much more funny stuff see:
Donna Cunningham's blog at: http://skywriter.wordpress.com/
Neeti Ray's Astrology Expressed blog and CJ Wright's Auntie Moon blog
Love and smiles,
Mandi xxx


  1. lol Mandi - Mercury and Jupiter sniggering behind your Sun's back - I like that! :-)

  2. Thanks Tony! Yes my Mercury and Jupiter just couldn't help getting involved! Mandi :D

  3. I loved these!

  4. Can we come up with some reasons for the cards that aren't listed?


  5. Love the hermit and high priestess. :-)

  6. Thanks for your comment, glad you enjoyed them :D

    Hi CJ, you're right - the Wheel of Fortune, Moon, Sun, Judgement and the World are missing. I'll try and think of a few. How about these:

    Why did the Sun and the Moon cross the Road? There was an eclipse

    Why did the Wheel of Fortune cross the Road? By the turn of a tire.

    How did Judgement cross the Road? After carefully weighing up both sides/

    How did the world cross the Road? It didn't need to, the road was part of the world!

    Lame? Can anyone think of any better ones?


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