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Chocolate for Astrology Lovers

Here's the perfect gift for all those astrology nuts out there - an astrological chocolate bar!
Available at Sainsbury's in the UK or Bloomsbury & Co online in the US
Aries: Eats the whole bar on the way home from the shop
Taurus: Loves good chocolate, especially if it is in expensive packaging
Gemini: Chooses their chocolate by taking a bite out of each piece
Cancer: Makes even the smallest bar last for at least a month
Leo: Likes to be in charge of dividing up the chocolate
Virgo: Cuts their chocolate into bite size pieces with a knife and fork
Libra: Chooses two bars; one for themselves and one for you both to share
Scorpio: Hides their chocolate and then becomes obsessed that someone will find it
Sagittarius: Will only eat imported chocolate
Capricorn: Likes to be seen eating only the best and the most expensive chocolate

Aquarius: Loves chocolate-but likes to think they actually prefer carob health bars
Pisces: Shares their chocolate and forgets to leave some for themselves

Libra Full Moon – Who Am I, Who Are You & Where Do We Draw the Line?

I love Full Moon times. A Full Moon is so obvious you can’t miss it, its huge and round, brightly illuminating the night sky. Don’t you want to just reach out and touch the Moon when it’s full? Isn’t it just so beautiful and perfect?
This Full Moon falls in the sign of Libra. I had a long conversation with a friend this morning and we quickly got onto the topic of selfishness vs. selflessness. Where does the balance lie between looking after your own interests and taking care of the interests of others?
This topic came up because a person who I love very much needs my help right now and because I care, I really do want to help them, as best as I can. The trouble is I’m currently in a space where I’m in need of some ‘me’ time, for the sake of my mental/physical/emotional health. So what do I do?
This question captures the essence of the Aries-Libra dynamic, an issue being highlighted over the next couple of days as the Moon in Libra opposes the Sun in Aries.
Purely and simply, Aries is ‘s…

Astrology in Action: When Mars Crosses the Line!

In this blog, I’m always at great pains to point out that when a transiting planet (particularly one of the slower planets) crosses a natal planet or angle in our chart, this represents a highly personal process of development and enfoldment, not a dramatic ‘one-off event’ timed to the day the transiting aspect becomes exact.

I always stress this important point because I do not want anyone to fear that something will ‘happen’ on a particular day. Most often nothing will happen and even if something does, there’s no way I could predict what! To even try would be to take away the freewill of whoever the event is predicted for. On the contrary, my work in astrology is about empowering poeple, not taking away their choices.

That said, very occasionally an ‘event’ will occur that is perfectly timed to the transit of a planet across an angle or over a natal planet. While these cannot be predicted in advance, these events often reflect the astrological symbolism very literally. In my experie…

IAD Blog-A-Thon: Sunday's Events

Online from Sunday 21st March:
From Auntie Moon:Uranus in Aries: Claiming A Self Reliant Future
Unpredictable Uranus is ending his sojourn in Pisces and will soon enter irascible Aries. Following a period of reluctantly dealing with the real world, Uranus steps up to proclaim personal freedom. This is not the freedom bell that Uranus usually rings for everyone, but the unabashed self-proclamation of “My Rights, Every Day!” Coordinated by C.J. Wright, the 17 articles and additional media presentations in the Uranus collection are as erratic as Uranus himself. You will discover some of the disruptive changes Uranus loves to spring on us and receive suggestions on how to work with rather than against yourself as you evolve and grow.

Online NOW:

From Astroair Astrology:Look After Saturn and Saturn Will Look After You

From Sasstrology:Saturn in Libra And Relationships
From Sky Writer: Pluto Problems Got You Perplexed? Here’s What Helps!
From Vibration Magazine: A Collection of Articles about C…

Look After Saturn & Saturn Will Look After You (IAD Blog-A-Thon)

Astroair Astrology Proudly Presents The 2010 International Astrology Day Blog-A-Thon Saturn Collection Transiting Saturn’s oppositions to Uranus were accompanied by sudden change, shocks and upsets to the status quo, resulting in economic crisis. As the ripples reached our personal lives, our ability to remain flexible yet strong in the face of disruptive change has been tested, none more so since Saturn moved into Libra and began to square Pluto in Capricorn, a transit signifying restriction and hard, hard work. Now, with the upcoming entry of Uranus into Aries, signaling the start of the Saturn-Uranus-Pluto cardinal t-square, many of us are worried and puzzled about what it means for ourselves and our loved ones.

How This Article Collection Can Help
When facing and working with the energies of the three planets in the t-square, Saturn is the most easily accessible energy, providing a sound anchor for working with Uranus and Pluto issues and unlocking the more optimistic promises of th…

The IAD Blog-A-Thon - Saturday's Events

Saturday's Events
Online starting Saturday, March 20th: Look After Saturn and Saturn Will Look After You Transiting Saturn’s oppositions to Uranus were accompanied by sudden change and shocks to upset the status quo, resulting in economic crisis. As ripples reached our personal lives, our ability to remain flexible in the face of disruptive change is being tested by Saturn in Libra’s square to Pluto in Capricorn and the upcoming entry of Uranus into Aries. Coordinated by Mandi Lockley, the 17 articles in the Saturn collection will help you work with a variety of Saturnian issues. Experienced astrologers invite you to view Saturn not as a planet to be feared, but as a necessary, helpful teacher whose lessons can help you through life’s challenges. Others provide useful resources, down to earth advice, and inspirational coping and healing tools.
Online from Saturday, March 20th Passing the Tests and Trials of Saturn to Build Better Relationships As the planet of obstacles and inadequacy …

IAD Blog-A-Thon Quick Links

From Auntie Moon:Uranus in Aries: Claiming A Self Reliant Future

From Astroair Astrology:Look After Saturn and Saturn Will Look After You

From Sasstrology:Saturn in Libra And Relationships
From Sky Writer: Pluto Problems Got You Perplexed? Here’s What Helps!
From Vibration Magazine: A Collection of Articles about Combining Essences and Astrology

Voices from Astrology's Past - Sound Bytes at the Astrologer's Memorial
From Secret Moon Art:Astrology Day Blogathon 2010: A Cosmic Art Gallery

Discussions at AstroCreeps and TarotFreaks Forum

For full details of all these fantastic events, see
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The IAD Blog-A-Thon Is Here!

The transiting cardinal T-square of Pluto, Saturn, and Uranus of 2010-11 has got everyone who knows even a little astrology talking and worrying and predicting – on blogs, on forums, in magazines, at conferences. Already we’ve seen huge shifts in our economies and our political structures and even environmental shifts in the earth itself. Many of us have found this instability reflected in their personal lives and we’re wondering what’s next? How will we and our loves ones be affected?

The idea behind this exciting web-based Blogathon event for International Astrology Day is to help with these questions by providing some valuable insights into how the main players in the T-square - Saturn, Uranus and Pluto – operate and by offering some helpful tools to work with the issues they represent.

This exciting event was conceived by renowned astrologer and therapist Donna Cunningham, who put together a wonderful team of coordinators to assemble a collection of almost 70 articles by over 50 ta…

Aries Speaks!

As the Sun moves into Aries, here are a few quotations from some Aries people that you may well have heard of!

But first, a very short story that demonstrates nicely the difference between Aries and Scorpio, those two Mars ruled signs, as told to me by the Aries!

We had a row and I lost my temper, picked up a glass of water and threw it all over him. He didn't respond, just turned and left the room. I thought I'd got away with it, but 15 minutes later he came back and he'd filled a very large bucket! You can guess for yourself what happened next!
There's a line in the picture where he snarls, 'Nobody tells me what to do.' That's exactly how I've felt all my life. Marlon Brando, Actor, Sun Aries, Moon Aries
I have a lot of money stashed away, but I do live my life from day to day. Elton John, Performer, Sun Aries, Moon Taurus
There are new words now that excuse everybody. Give me the good old days of heroes and villains, the people you can bravo or hiss. There …

Tapping For Saturn: Astrology And EFT

A big welcome to guest blogger Kathy Loveless, Astrologer, EFT-ADV, who in this beautifully insightful and helpful article discusses the creative use of the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) in co-operation with Saturn natal aspects and transits.What is EFT and How Does It Work?EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique, has become a popular healing tool in today’s fast-growing field of energy work and complementary medicine. It has been shown to be effective in assisting healing on a physical, mental and emotional level.With this technique, one practices a simple sequence of tapping points located along the body’s meridians. These points correspond with some of the key acupuncture points. (A simple online diagram is available at and from there you can also download a free manual which gives you all the EFT tapping points and basic procedures to enable you to start using it on yourself immediately). EFT is acupressure which is applied through our fingertips. We simply ta…