Thursday, 31 December 2009

A Blue Moon Lunar Eclipse

The New Year, indeed the New Decade, is ushered in by no less than an Eclipsed Full Moon. Not only that, but it's a Blue Moon - wow, what amazing energies to let go of the old and welcome the new.

Eclipses are about release and letting go, so before the festivities begin today this is a good time to think about what negative attachments you might want to work on.

This is highly personal work, but here are a few ideas based on your Sun sign:

Aries: Letting go of old issues around family dynamics; reconsidering the work-life balance

Taurus: Releasing negative thought patterns that have been holding you back

Gemini: Learning to value yourself more, letting go of self-limiting beliefs about yourself

Cancer: Releasing self-critical behaviour, learning to love yourself for who you are

Leo: Letting go of the need to always be in the spotlight by recognising when to retreat and rest

Virgo: Releasing the need to be over self-sufficient by learning to accept help from others

Libra: Letting go of unneccesary notions about status and learning to be who you are rather than what you think others expect

Scorpio: Thinking about where you have become stuck in a rut, broadening your horizons

Sagittarius: Letting go of the need to always be 'on the move' by allowing yourself the time to stop and take stock of your life

Capricorn: Releasing negative behaviour patterns in relationships

Aquarius: Working on kicking a bad habit and maintaining a healthier lifestyle

Pisces: Learning to remember to unburden yourself of the worries of the world once in a while, so you can enjoy life more

A few ideas for releasement work:

~ Say a prayer to your chosen God or spirit

~ Make a wish

~ Write an affirmation

~ Write a letter to yourself, detailing what you want to release then (safely) burn the letter to release the energies

~ Talk it through with a friend or a partner, ask their advice

~ Perform a banishing spell

~ Ask the Archangels to help you cut the cords for what it is you want to release

~ Visualise yourself letting go through meditation work

~ Work with the appropriate crystals, candles, essential oils or flower remedies

A few 'rules' for releasement work:

~ Always be positive

~ Always work from a place of love and compassion

~ Assert that this work is done for the higher good and that it harm none

~ Always do this work only for yourself. You have no business doing this work for other people's issues. For example, if your partner's stubbornness drives you crazy, you should never write an affirmation asking for them to be less stubborn. Instead you could write an affirmation such as: I release the part of me that is irritated by you

~ Use the present tense in your affirmations, prayers, wishes etc. For example, I now release past hurts that are holding me back or Please help me release past hurts now

~ Always assume success

~ Always show gratitude by saying thank you or by making some other gesture of thanks

For my blog on how I feel this eclipse, in the sign of Cancer, fits into the overall cosmic pattern of the next few months, click here>

For some astrological ideas on how to work with eclipses, click here>

Here's to a healthy, happy, prosperous 2010 to you all.

With love and blessings,

Mandi xx

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