Thursday, 17 December 2009

Ho! Ho! Ho! The Solstice & The Sun in Capricorn

The Winter Solstice is the shortest day of the year, marking the yearly turning point when the days become longer, a promise of Spring.

The Solstices are always a very poignant, spiritual time, loaded with myth and symbolism, celebrated throughout history in rituals and festivals across different religions and cultures.

For us astrologers, the Winter Solstice on the 21st December (in the Northern Hemisphere) marks the Sun’s ingress into the Cardinal Earth sign of Capricorn, the old sea goat.

When the Sun moves into a new sign, I always like to write an upbeat positive blog about that sign. Especially so for Capricorn, the oft-maligned sign whose ruler is that old Malefic, Saturn, the hard task master, the planet that won’t let us get away with it, he who subjects us to boundaries, limitations, obligations, difficult lessons and a nagging conscience.

Being a Capricorn myself, it’s hard to be objective, so I was thrilled when I found this blog from Mystic Cyber Crow which has some great pictures of Saturn and the other Winter Solstice Gods. Look through these pics and it’s not hard to see how Saturn is related, mythologically speaking, to our dear old jolly Santa!
Yippeeeee!!! Santa brings us gifts and therefore so too does Saturn! The gift of discipline to get things done, the gift of authority, the gift of being able to meet our material, practical needs, the gift of time, wisdom, experience and maturity. Something to celebrate, no?

Saturnalia, the ancient Roman holiday which celebrated the Solstice and the God Saturn, was the biggest and most raucous festival in the calendar. People gave gifts, drank, gambled and caroused. Such was the merryment, they even gave their slaves the day off & let them insult their masters! See, Saturn's not so bad after all, is he? LOL!

Enjoy the Sun’s journey through Capricorn, because starting with the Winter Solstice as it does, this lovely sign really does carry the promise of new life, the greatest gift of all.

Solstice wishes,

And here's a link to a lovely blog on Auntie Moon's site: A Season of Lights ~ Bringing the Solstice Inside

(the santa suit pictured is available from


  1. Thanks for the nod, Mandi. Kachina offered up great ideas for every sign.

    It seems we're both Solstice fans--it's my favorite day of the year. Saturn does bring us some excellent gifts. Thanks for an early reminder that he's not just the boogey-man. Let's not forget that Cap has quite a sense of humor, too, another way to easily tie that "Ho Ho Ho" to our old friend, Saturn.

    Great post! Happy Solstice!


  2. You're very welcome cj :D Happy Solstice & wishing you joy and goodwill xx

  3. 'tis the season

    As we strive through painful cold, treacherous dark,
    dodging danger, palpitating heart,
    anxiety our stark true friend
    Dream of this season's end in joyful meeting,
    reunion, reward.
    Dream loving happy family, aglow
    in warming fire, festive lighted tree.
    Pocket snapshot from a gentler age,
    we ache to reclaim.
    Raise high the revelry of feast
    and frolic, space for sacred play,
    miraculous day to carry like inspiring song,
    a beacon through the storms
    yet to rage.
    Live this vision
    embracing grace.


    Essence, scent memory
    cinnamon, pine, family
    wafting incense
    fragrant air
    redolent of antiquity's winds.

    Trailing magick's mountain meadow
    Hard, sharp, cragged, creviced
    Exquisitely strong, enduring, scarred,
    mending, calloused, engaging
    Fingertips, skin, caress manifest existence.

    Rippling bells, liquid voices drip
    replenishing wine. Listen.
    Reverberate back to the tribal pool.
    Dancing drum beats, symphonic raining rivers.
    Rise and quaff the choir's song.

    In ritual visualize the distant dawn.
    Hearths to unseen worlds fade before Sol's majesty.
    Incandescent homunculus eyes opening to flame,
    krinkling sparks, glowing.
    Powerful torches burn through dark imagery.

    Revel in flavor, mythic piquancy.
    Peppery heat, sour sorrows, exotic ebullient stew.
    Wisps of buttery dreams, savory bliss,
    divine delicacies,
    bittersweet ecstasy.

    peace, love, fulfillment

    December 2009

  4. Thank you Libra Moon, that is so beautiful. Did you write them yourself? (will post the link on Twitter so more people can read them.
    With love and blessings for the season
    Mandi xxx


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